Join us for our first hack day - in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow!

With the General Election just weeks away, we invite you to dig into an exclusive dataset with us and publish jointly on the Monday before the election.

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Join reporters across the UK in investigating voter power

As mentioned in our last bulletin, our team has built a detailed database on voters by constituency. From education, to income, to age, to those registered and not - it will be the first of it’s kind used in the journalism scene.

We want to work with you to find out who has the power to determine the result in your constituency/ies and what we know about them.

To do this, we are running a hack day on Wednesday May 31 in four cities across the UK (London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow) and then breaking the stories that come out of the day on the Monday before the election - June 5th.

Sound like something you want to be part of?

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Our Facebook ad investigation is full swing

The stories we broke:
The “dark ads” election: How are political parties targeting you on Facebook?
Campaigners target voters with Brexit “dark ads”

Who picked up our work and are reporting it out:
Social media in elections & manifestos - KMTV Kent
Conservatives launch online offensive against Corbyn - The Guardian
Gina Miller targets voters with tailored Facebook ads - The Guardian

Where the investigation has been cited:
On the Who targets me? blog
In the O’Reilly Data newsletter

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