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Dear <<Salutation>>,

2016 is upon us.  This time next year we will know who has been elected to serve as the 45th President of the United States of America. 
But the race for President is not the only critical, and potentially nation-defining, race happening in our nation today. 
If Republicans win the White House it will be critical to have a solid group of pro-growth, limited government champions in the House and Senate to help ensure they stay the course and govern like fiscal conservatives.
And if Democrats win, well the House and Senate will be the last line of defense protecting this great nation. 
The Club’s PAC is proud to stand behind a truly exceptional group of candidates – champions of economic freedom who will fight for our shared pro-growth, limited government principles.  They will fight for America.
Each of these men has a critical fundraising deadline on December 31st
That is why I am counting on Club members, on YOU, to make an immediate and generous contribution and help ensure that each of these principled, passionate, economic conservatives finishes 2015 strong and heads into 2016 even stronger.  The strength of our nation depends upon it.  The strength of our nation depends on YOU.

Jim Duncan (NC-02)

Not only is this race an exciting opportunity to help elect a true champion of economic freedom, but it is also an opportunity to defeat an incumbent who has sided with Nancy Pelosi and taken pride in following the Republican leadership in Congress – Renee Ellmers.
Ellmers was first elected to Congress in 2010 and has been consistently disappointing ever since.  Her lifetime rating on the Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard is an abysmal 61%.  In a district as Republican as NC-02 there is zero excuse for votes like:
  • YES on the 2011 debt ceiling increase
  • YES to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank
  • YES on the bad Ryan-Murray deal that broke the sequester
  • NO on the conservative RSC budget
But that is exactly how Ellmers has voted – like a big-government, tax-and-spend liberal. 

Jim Duncan would be a major upgrade from Ellmers.  Jim is a principled Constitutional Conservative who will fight against big-spending Washington insiders. 

Jim has been active in local politics in North Carolina, and his own life experience has laid the foundation for his work to protect the American Dream through pro-growth policies that shrink the size and scope of government.
But before Jim can do that, you and I have to help get him to Washington!  And we have to send Ellmers packing!!
That is why I am counting on you to make a most generous contribution of up to $5,400 to Jim Duncan for Congress TODAY!

Jim Banks (IN-03)

Jim Banks is a strong leader.
He is a strong leader in the Navy Reserves.  He is a strong leader in the Indiana State Senate.  And he will be a strong leader in the fight for economic freedom in Washington!
Jim is running to represent Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.  This is an open seat race in an R+13 District, which means that the winner of the May 3 Republican primary election is highly likely to be the next Congressman from the District.
Jim is a commercial real estate broker who was born and raised in the district.  He also serves in the U.S. Navy Reserves and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 and early 2015.  In fact, Jim made the decision to run for Congress just weeks after returning home from his most recent deployment.
Jim was elected to Indiana’s State Senate in 2010 where he has become a conservative leader on economic issues. 
In 2014, he had the highest rating of the entire 140-member state legislature on Americans for Prosperity’s Indiana scorecard. 
In 2013, the State Legislature voted to allow two counties to keep revenue from a tax hike that had expired but was still being collected… 

…Jim Banks was the only “NO” vote and Governor Mike Pence vetoed the legislation.

Jim currently has three opponents in the race, the most formidable of which is fellow State Senator Liz Brown.  Brown has voted to raise taxes and has an overall weak record on fiscal issues. 

But while Brown’s record may be bad, she is an experienced campaigner and is likely to give Jim a real fight.

That is why I am counting on Club members to ensure that Jim’s campaign has the substantial resources it will need to defeat Brown and the other RINO candidates in the race.

Jim Banks is right on the issues.  He’s principled.  And he’s a fighter.

So please, send an IMMEDIATE and GENEROUS contribution of up to $5,400 to Jim Banks for Congress and help ensure we send another true champion of economic freedom to Congress and not another tax-and-spend RINO!


Ron DeSantis (FL-Sen)

According to a recent public poll released by St. Leo University Polling Institute, the Florida Republican Senate primary race is a complete and total tossup. 
The poll showed Congressman David Jolly (FL-13) with a slight edge at 11.2%,   Lt. Gov Carlos Lopez-Cantera received 8.2%, Orlando businessman Todd Wilcox came in with 6.8%,  Club PAC-endorsed Congressman Ron DeSantis with 6.2%, and Dr. Ilya Katz at 4.1%. 
Voters are undecided.  And that is why I am counting on Club members, to help ensure that Ron’s campaign has the resources it needs to educate Florida voters about Ron’s solid fiscal, conservative record – as well as the tax-and-spend records of his opponents.
  • Congressman David Jolly (FL-13):   After redistricting, Jolly found himself in a position where he was unlikely to win reelection to the House and so he jumped into the Senate race.  Jolly is a big-spending liberal and former lobbyist who has made quite a name for himself in the year and a half he’s been in Congress!
  • Lt. Gov Carlos Lopez-Cantera: The Establishment-preferred Florida Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera.  Included amongst the highlights of Lopez-Cantera’s record while in the state legislature is his support for a Charlie Crist-backed tax increase. 
  • Todd Wilcox: A Florida business man who has made a living getting rich off of government contracts.
  • Dr. Ilya Katz: Former professor at Loyola University.  He does not appear to be running a viable campaign and is expected to fall behind the rest of the pack.
And standing in the starkest of contrast to each of these men is Ron DeSantis!
It was Club for Growth members, like you, who first helped elect Ron to Congress in 2012 - where he has proven that he is every bit the pro-growth, limited government warrior we hoped he’d be (he has a 95% lifetime rating on the Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard)
That is why I am counting on you to make the most generous contribution you are able of up to $5,400 to Ron DeSantis for Senate!


Ron Johnson (WI-Sen) 

The Wisconsin Senate race is turning into a hard-fought rematch between Ron Johnson and Democrat Russ Feingold.

Johnson defeated Feingold by just over 100,000 votes in the 2010 Senate race – and Feingold has not taken defeat lying down!

Since his defeat in 2010, Feingold has been working for Barack Obama, teaching in California, and laying the groundwork to launch his reelection campaign.

Feingold outraised Johnson by over $1 million last quarter putting the two neck-and-neck with around $3.5 million each cash-on-hand.  His fundraising prowess will make this a race to finish. 

And it’s a race you and I can’t afford to leave to chance!

During Feingold’s time in the Senate he voted yes on just about every government overreach, economy stifling bill that he could, including:

YES on McCain-Feingold, YES on Obamacare, YES to raise the debt limit, YES on the stimulus, YES on Cash for Clunkers, YES on Cap and Trade, YES on the auto bailout, YES on the Fannie-Freddie bailout, YES on big labor’s card check.

But in a state as politically polarized as Wisconsin – Feingold could well defeat Johnson.

Democrats know how to win in Wisconsin – and they are salivating at the chance to defeat a pro-growth, limited government conservative like Ron Johnson.

Not only would a Feingold victory be a devastating blow for Wisconsin, it would be a devastating blow for the entire nation.  Wisconsin is KEY to Democrats reclaiming the Senate Majority next year.

And we must STOP tax-and-spend liberal Feingold from returning to Washington.

That is why I am asking you to send an immediate and generous contribution of up to $5,400 to Ron Johnson for Senate TODAY!


Pat Toomey (PA-Sen)

Pennsylvania is a must-win seat for Democrats in order for them to reclaim the Senate Majority in 2016. And unfortunately, this means that former Club President and now-Senator Pat Toomey has a giant target on his back.

Toomey defeated Democrat Joe Sestak by an extremely narrow margin of just 2 points in 2010.  And if it hadn’t been for the overwhelming generosity of Club members, he likely would have lost that election.

Sestak did not take defeat lying down and has been campaigning for a rematch since 2010. 

But Sestak isn’t the only viable Democrat attempting to defeat Toomey – Kathleen McGinty, former Chief of Staff to Democrat Governor Tom Wolf and former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection raised over $1 million her first quarter since entering the race showing that she is a serious candidate.

McGinty is a strong advocate of clean energy and climate change legislation and a strong advocate of cap and trade.   And she is assembling a strong team.

Whether the Democratic nominee is Sestak or McGinty, Pat Toomey is in for a fight.

And that is why I’m counting on you to fight WITH the Club’s PAC and for Pat Toomey!

Pat Toomey has been unwavering in his commitment to pro-growth tax reform and a balanced budget.  And he is vulnerable in large part because he has remained true to the same pro-growth, limited government principles that you and I share. 

So please send the most generous contribution you can of up to $5,400 to Pat Toomey for Senate TODAY!

Best regards,
David McIntosh
President | Club for Growth
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