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November 2015 Articles at a Glance

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Together We Swarm Ireland

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International Education Week
Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising in C2D2
Home for the Holidays

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2015 Liam's Legacy Symposium
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Resident Advisor and Peer Leader Positions
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Fall 2015 Commencement and President's Graduation Celebration
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From the Parents Program

Greetings Georgia Tech Parents and Families,

WOW! We hope that you were able to see the exciting Homecoming football game win against Florida State University last month. If you missed the video footage, click here. What a win! Several students shared with me that they will never forget that moment of running onto the field after the win.

Family Weekend was a blast, too! Thank you again to the more than 3,500 students and families who joined us at the beginning of October. We had 875 families from 40 states and eight countries participate. Despite a wet and gloomy weekend, the weather didn’t seem to put a damper on the amount of smiles, hugs, and special memories that were created. To view photos from the weekend – click here and to see the photo booth pictures, click here.

Our next fun weekend, Sibs Day, is set for February 20, 2016. Georgia Tech students and their siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and family friends ages 7 to 17 will learn more about campus life, participate in educational workshops, watch Georgia Tech take on Notre Dame in men’s basketball, and create some special Yellow Jacket memories! Mark your calendars now and talk to your students over winter break. To learn more about Sibs Day, click here. Parents and other family members are welcome, too! Registration will open on January 8, 2016.

Finally, with the holidays and winter break around the corner, now is the time to begin having discussions with your student about their upcoming visits home. Students have been living the “college life” without curfews and chores, making the decisions about how to spend every minute of every day. Many students will not only be visiting you while they are home, but also extended family and friends from high school. You and your student may have differing expectations about how they will spend their time at home. We encourage parents to have these conversations in advance to help alleviate potential stress and disappointment during their time at home. I encourage you to read a few reminders and tips that I have put together in this edition of ParentNews to prepare yourself and your family.

Have a question? Call the Parents Program at (404) 385-1396 or email us at

Happy Reading!

Laci Weeden
Director, Parents Program

The Buzz about Careers
News and views about students’ career development from Dr. Michelle Tullier, executive director of the Center for Career Discovery and Development.
Greetings from the Center for Career Discovery and Development! I am excited and honored to have this opportunity to communicate directly with parents and other family of Georgia Tech students through this new monthly column in ParentNews.

My primary goal will be to acquaint you with the career development support, resources, and guidance your students are receiving through my department — informally known as C2D2 — and through our campus partners. I also plan to share insights into the broader topic of entry-level careers and the job market, whether down the road in Atlanta or around the globe. I aim to educate, inform, provoke thought, share news, spark discussion, and generally help you feel closer to the career development aspects of your student’s experience at Georgia Tech.

I’ll kick this discussion off with a basic introduction to C2D2. We are the central career center for students on campus, but we collaborate closely around campus with a network of career advisors or faculty and staff who take an interest in their student’s career development. Our mission is simple but ambitious: To support the career development of all Georgia Tech students as they launch, navigate, and sustain satisfying and successful careers that make a meaningful contribution to society.

Note that we are not just about co-ops and internships. We’re not just about career fairs and on-campus recruiting. We’re not just about the first paycheck for graduating seniors. Those are all important elements of what we do, but that’s not the whole picture.

Our role as a department of career advisors and counselors, pre-professional and pre-graduate school advisors, and employer relations specialists is to serve students through all aspects of their career planning, job searches, and transition from college to career. While many Tech students choose to pursue co-ops, internships, or full-time jobs upon graduation with multinational corporations, our students also show increasing interest in working with small start-ups, developing their own entrepreneurial ideas, shaping future generations through teaching, or pursuing professional studies or graduate school. Just as Students’ interests are not “one size fits all,” neither is the C2D2 mission.

As executive director, I am committed to ensuring that your daughters and sons receive state-of-the-art career services and to building bridges to opportunities that let them make their mark on the world. I look forward to continuing to share news and views with you in ParentNews each month.
Upcoming Events

Together We Swarm in Ireland - Register Today!
The Georgia Tech Parents Program is proud to announce a special trip for Georgia Tech families! Join us in Dublin, Ireland in September, 2016 to watch our Yellow Jackets take on the Boston College Eagles!

We invite all of our families to join us on this special trip for Georgia Tech’s first-ever international football game. Georgia Tech and Boston College will open the 2016 football season in Dublin, Ireland, for the Aer Lingus College Football Classic. The game, which will be the official ACC opener for both schools, will be held Sept. 3, 2016, at Aviva Stadium, and is scheduled to be televised on ESPN2.

The Georgia Tech Parents Program has a block of seats for families to sit together with other Georgia Tech fans and cheer on our Yellow Jackets! To learn more about pricing for the Dublin Game Weekend travel package, hotel accommodations and excursions visit

If you are interested in joining us in September 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, please call 214-363-0257. Make sure you mention that you are part of the Parents Program at Georgia Tech when you call, so you are listed in our block.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the wonders of Dublin as you cheer on the Jackets!

Featured Articles

International Education Week

Georgia Tech has long been a leader in providing opportunities for students to experience other cultures, develop critical global competencies, and understand the global implications of their disciplines. But did you know that each year there is a week devoted to helping students, staff, and faculty to understand what international opportunities are open to them on campus?

This week is known as International Education Week (IEW) and is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is part of the effort to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study or participate in an exchange experience in the U.S.

Georgia Tech celebrates IEW each year with a series of events that highlight Tech's international opportunities and that recognize the international accomplishments of Tech students, faculty, and staff. The Office of International Education’s Photo Contest and International Coffee Hour occur annually and new events encouraging global engagement are introduced each year. This year, IEW will be from November 16-20. To learn more about the events and activities that will take place on campus, please go to:

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at:

Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising in C2D2
By Dr. Shannon Dobranski, Director of Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising
In July, the Office of Undergraduate Education established the new Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional (PGPP) Advising unit within the Center for Career Discovery and Development (C2D2). This new team of advisors will assist students and alumni who choose to pursue professional school, prestigious fellowships, teaching certification, or graduate programs as the next step in their career.
The Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional team assembles in one place advisors who specialize in pre-health, pre-teaching, pre-law, pre-graduate, and prestigious fellowships. These advisors help students explore career options and prepare applications for professional schools, graduate programs, and national and international fellowships. The counseling and assessment capacities of C2D2 will help students explore the full spectrum of health-, education- and law-related careers from both an employment and professional school perspective.
Most of the services provided by PGPP are not new. Pre-health, pre-teaching, and prestigious fellowships advising was available on campus through different offices. By centralizing these services in C2D2, Georgia Tech has created a one-stop destination for students pursuing fields for which there is no explicit major.
The new unit also allows for the expansion of services to include pre-law and pre-graduate advising. Students who previously relied exclusively on faculty for guidance now have another professional resource on campus to explore these next steps in a legal or academic career.
The PGPP team is eager to help your son or daughter. Students may schedule appointments at

Home for the Holidays
By Laci Weeden, Director, Parents Program
In the days ahead, the fall semester will be coming to an end and students some will be heading home for Thanksgiving and winter breaks. While family traditions and gatherings are important, families must also remember that compromise may be inevitable during an extended stay at home. As students descend upon the home front, parents may feel abandoned all over again as students want to sleep late and often choose to spend more time with friends than family. Issues like important dinners, religious activities, household chores, use of the car, being respectful to others (who need their sleep), and money management—if not handled properly—may cause conflict and undue stress for the entire family.
Here are a few ideas and strategies to help make this transition home a little merrier!
Be flexible and realistic.
Communicate holiday plans in advance so students aren’t caught off guard.
For those with extended and/or blended families, it is important to realize that students may wish to spend part of his/her break with the other family. Avoid putting them in an impossible situation by making unreasonable demands of their time.
Compromise is a two-way street.
Keep in mind that college students are no longer children that we can shuttle here and there. Students are emerging into adulthood. For the past several months, students have been following their own schedules and making their own decisions. Embrace this opportunity to have an adult conversation; listening to their perspectives, feelings; and needs. Don’t try to guilt them into doing what you want.
Most students have been living independently for a few months and may not be ready to follow your schedule. Additionally, most have just gone through a stressful period of studying and test taking. Patience will come in handy here.
Start the negotiations early—starting the conversation sooner can prevent conflict later. It can be done early in the break or even before—don’t try to have this talk during exam time—students are usually feeling stressed enough.
Be prepared for changes in your son or daughter.
As we know, many college students alter their appearance, perhaps getting a tattoo, piercing, or changing their hair color. If extended family members judge them too harshly, it can lead to hurt feelings. It is important to support your student at family gatherings. You don’t have to always agree, but you have to try to respect their choices.
Many students will want to reconnect with high school friends. However, they may find that these friendships may not be the same as they were only a few months earlier. People change, have different interests, and find they do not have as much in common. Be prepared to listen if your students struggle with this loss.
Don’t make major changes-
Talking to your student before making any major room changes would be the best. If you have already turned their room into something new, maybe now would be the time to bring back a few of their things. Students love the independence they enjoy on campus, but almost all of them want to feel they are an important part of their family.
Money management.
Will your student have to work during break to save money for back-to-school needs such as books and supplies or even tuition?
This is a good time for students to reevaluate their meal plans and to review spending habits.
How to help a struggling student.
Remind your student about tutoring. Seeking help early is always the right way to proceed.
Listen and don’t jump the gun and take over when there is a problem. A family’s love, support, and motivation are most important. How you react may dictate what they tell you in the future. Sometimes it is not winning the race, but simply finishing it. Many times getting a C or B can be the success!
Campus News

2015 Liam’s Legacy Symposium

The Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain is proud to sponsor the 2015 Liam’s Legacy Symposium in November. The Liam’s Legacy Symposium celebrates the life and legacy of Liam Rattray, a remarkable Georgia Tech student whose indefatigable activism and commitment to social justice was cut short just days after his graduation in 2011. This year’s Symposium celebrates Serve-Learn-Sustain by bringing together scholars and practitioners to explore what it means to take a community-centric approach to sustainability and how Georgia Tech can become a key partner in forwarding this approach in Atlanta. The Symposium panel will be facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Hirsch, the inaugural director of Georgia Tech’s new Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain, and will feature Jody Kretzman, one of the co-founders of The Asset-Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern University; Jenita McGowan, the Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Cleveland; Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield, Sustainability Director for the City of Atlanta; and Chris Burke, Georgia Tech’s Director of Community Relations. Financial support for the Liam’s Legacy Symposium comes through the School of History and Sociology and Wardlaw Fund for Human Rights. The Liam’s Legacy Symposium will take place on November 18, from 4 – 5:30 p.m. in the Clary Theater, located in the Student Success Center. For additional information on Serve-Learn-Sustain and our programs, be sure to visit our website and sign up for our listserv at
Housing News
The Spring 2016 Campus Housing Application remains open this month for new students or returning students who are not residing on campus this fall. All students who applied by November 3 are eligible to participate in the self-assignment process which runs November 4-16. Self-assignment gives students the opportunity to select their own room. A notification will be sent to students’ Georgia Tech email accounts on November 4 with their timeslot to go online and select a spring room. Those who choose not to participate in this process will be assigned by our staff, and all spring assignments can be viewed online November 17. The application, self-assignment steps, and room and roommate info can be accessed through “My Housing” on the Georgia Tech Housing website, If your student has not yet applied – it’s not too late!
Current residents are not required to move out of their residence hall during the semester break in December if they plan to reside on campus in the spring; however, please note the following dates before making travel arrangements:
  • Saturday, December 12 by noon: Move out for all students not residing on campus Spring 2016
  • Sunday, December 13 by noon: Move out for graduating students
  • Sunday, December 13 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.: Room switch
NOTE: To avoid unnecessary penalty charges when terminating the housing contract for acceptable reasons, we encourage your student to read and follow the instructions in “VI. Contract Termination by Student – After Contract Begins” of the 2015-2016 Academic Year Contract.
As always our assignment staff is available to answer questions and offer assistance by phone (404-894-2470) and email (

Resident Advisor and Peer Leader Positions – Encourage Your Student’s to Apply for 2016-2017

The Department of Housing is looking for new Student Leaders in Georgia Tech’s Residence Halls!
We have a total of 287 Resident Advisors and Peer Leaders serving our students in our residential communities. The function of the Student Staff Member (SSM) position is to work with residents to facilitate and develop a community environment within residence halls which will contribute to the intellectual, social, and cultural growth of their residents which will result in increased academic success and retention for these participants. The SSM works closely with the Hall Director in order to maintain a level of consistency both within the area and within the department. The student staff position requires dedication, flexibility, commitment, and enthusiasm as the staff member will actively respond to the changing needs and situations with residents. The SSM works directly with the Hall Director and receives additional direct supervision and training from the Hall Director and department.

The application will be available from November 2 to January 20. Please visit for more information.

Dining News
Dining Services has gone Back to the Foodture!
Load $300 or more tax-free Dining Dollars by November 13 and your student will receive a 10 percent bonus and they’ll be entered into a drawing to win a “Hoverboard”!
For more information, please visit
Fall 2015 Commencement and President’s Graduation Celebration

Georgia Tech will celebrate its 250th Commencement at McCamish Pavilion. The PhD and master’s ceremony will take place Friday, December 11, at 7 p.m. The bachelor’s ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 12, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with doors opening at 7:30 a.m. We encourage guests to arrive early for general seating. The bachelor’s ceremony is a ticketed event. Visit the commencement website,, for more information.

In addition, we encourage all parents and their guests to share in the excitement of Commencement with their graduates at the President’s Graduation Celebration, held Friday, December 11, from 3–5 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom. Families and graduates will have an opportunity to take photos with beloved Tech mascots, meet administrators, faculty, and staff, and share in unique traditions that make Georgia Tech such a cherished institution.
Volunteer Opportunities
Parents Needed to Volunteer at December Commencement

The Parents Program needs parents to help spread goodwill and cheer to parents and families of our graduating students prior to commencement on Saturday, December 12, from 7 - 9:30 a.m. at McCamish Pavilion. If interested, please sign up by emailing Additional details will be provided to volunteers in advance of the event.

Important Dates

October 26- November 13 – Phase I Registration for Spring Classes
November 7 - Georgia Tech’s Women’s Leadership Conference
November 12 – Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech football game
November 16 – 20 – International Education Week
November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
November 28 - Georgia Tech vs University of Georgia football game
December 4 - Last day of class
December 7-11 - Final exams
January 11 - First day of spring semester


Help the Parents Program by Booking Your Travel!     

Are you booking trips for your student to come home for the holidays or break? Need to book air travel, hotels or rental cars? If so, we encourage you to use the link below to book that next trip! A percentage of your purchase will come back to the Parents Program and will help fund other events for Georgia Tech students, parents and families. Thank you in advance for your support!  Click here to learn more and support the Parents Program.

Conversation Corner
Designed to facilitate meaningful conversations about timely student issues, the "Conversation Corner" provides suggested conversations parents and families may want to have with their student.

How are you feeling academically?
Many students will start to prepare for end of semester projects and exams this month and your student is most likely feeling high levels of stress. A family’s love, support, and motivation are most important. Assure your student that they are not alone and that seeking support early is always the right way to proceed. While this can be quite a hectic time of the year and many students feel the pressure of successfully completing the semester, students and parents can rest assured that there are several resources on campus available to assist during this time. We have everything from academic support services to wellness programs. Visit these links below to learn more about preparing for the end of semester and managing stress:  

Thank you!  Your response to our letter from Vice President and Dean of Students, John Stein, was overwhelming and we want you to know how much of a difference your contributions will be making for students campus-wide. Through your support we have raised over $34,000 and your investment will ensure that the funding gap for student life is being filled and more student-led programs are supported. If you are still looking for a way to donate, please give online today and know that your tax-deductible donation will make a difference!

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