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      Getting to the (Snake) Heart Edition

Sept. 6, 2013
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Getting To The Heart
“Eat here,”  said the Vietnamese Snake Village elder, pointing at a live beating heart that throbbed quickly. He was pointing at the heart still beating within a snake’s body.

Airlines Auction Empty Business Class Seats to Economy Flyers
… getting bumped up to Business Class just got more affordable. Last month, Iberia became the latest carrier to roll out an online auction scheme that allows customers to bid for seating upgrades.

Maybe Organized Tours Aren’t So Bad After All?
As a self-proclaimed indie traveler and employee of BootsnAll, organized tours are the opposite of what I thought indie travel was all about. But do I have it all wrong? As an independent traveler, aren’t I supposed to have an open mind when it comes travel? Shouldn’t I replace all those broad expectations I have with the reality of the situation?

Nine Ways To Help You Sleep Better On A Plane
(Club Carlson)
I’ve seen all kinds of methods and contraptions that passengers use to try to sleep better on airplanes. Everyone is different, but flying as much as I do, I know what works. Here are my nine ways to help you sleep better on a plane.

Smooth Getaway Postcard From Croatia
(Sacred Ground Magazine)
If the Europe of your daydreams has walled cities, lofty castles, medieval churches and ancient palaces filled with art treasure, not Starbucks, tourist traps and traffic jams, you’ll want to see Dubrovnik, Croatia’s Old World masterpiece.

Vacation photos before and after smartphones

It’s the what not the when — In support of time travel

Six Great Places to Eat in Tortola
(Caribbean Journal)
One of the Caribbean’s centres of laid-back luxury, Tortola offers foodies the whole spectrum, from fine dining to casual pub fare — and sometimes both in the same place. Here are six great choices to try the next time you’re there.

Flipping out over boozy buttermilk
Nog, flip, fizz, grog, shrub, smash. Besides being vaguely onomatopoeic terms, these are all old-school drinks that used to be quite common in bars more than one hundred years ago. Fallen out of fashion due to the vodka craze of the Cold War cocktail days, today’s spirits renaissance is bringing them back to life with a vengeance.

Baton Rouge’s Local Food Evolution
(The Traveluster)
My favorite food in the whole wide world? It’s the cuisine from my hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Grits and grillades, chicken and andouille gumbo, shrimp and corn soup, boudin balls, fried shrimp and oyster poboys, jambalaya, red beans and rice, crawfish etouffee…. How can anywhere else compete??

Cafes declare war on Wi-Fi squatters
(FOX News)
When café owners began offering free Wi-Fi to their coffee-drinking customers, they did so with the best of intentions --by trying to provide them with added value in the hopes of bringing in more business. But with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile offices, Wi-Fi squatters – those who set up shop for interminable hours gobbling up the café's bandwidth and available seating -- are negatively impacting business.
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The 10 best hotel pools in the world
 From infinity pools that boggle the mind to glass-bottom tanks 20 stories high, these are the top 10 hotel pools on the planet.


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