The NEA, NAH, and CPB are under threat!
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ADVOCACY ALERT: Federal funding for the Arts and Public Media reportedly to be eliminated by new administration

Dear Elise,

We want to alert you to a recent report detailing plans that the new administration has for deep cuts to the federal budget. Most notable for us is the reported cuts to arts and culture funding:

"The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.”

As these agencies represent only 0.02% of the federal budget, we emphatically agree with the Washington Post which said, "cutting federal support for the arts and humanities is a way to fight the culture war, not to tackle the federal debt." The NEA, NEH, and Corporation for Public Broadcasting democratize access to the arts by supporting creativity and culturemaking in all 50 states.

Fractured Atlas strongly stands against not only these kinds of misguided attempts to excise the arts from civic life, but also the new administration's plans for affordable healthcare, freedom of speech, and net neutrality. You can read more about our stance on the incoming administration and the moral imperative the arts and philanthropy have to resist, HERE.

Please consider calling your Senator and Representative and ask them to protect federal funding for the arts! Also check out the Indivisible guide, written by former Congressional staffers, which outlines some great practical steps and pointers for directly engaging your representatives effectively!

Thank you for being an informed and engaged member. In the coming weeks we will be strategizing with our advocacy partners in Washington D.C. and around the nation to stand up for artists.


Lauren Ruffin
Vice President, External Affairs
Fractured Atlas


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