JamesEdition November 26th Newsletter: New York real estate, the Ferrarri FXX and Yacht sales growth in 2013.
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A New York State of Mind in Manhattan’s Hot Market
New York City never sleeps, so they say, and neither should home buyers. Slumber on that decision to buy or not to buy even a nearly $1 million one-bedroom apartment with – and we’re kind of guessing – one of the largest terrace-per-interior-space ratios in the city, and chances are it’s going to be gone before your morning java. An international audience of buyers who want a piece of the Empire City’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, portfolio-building investors and those searching for a home for Hanukkah or Christmas (perhaps mesmerized by the bright glow of the city’s two giant menorahs or that towering twinkling tree outside 30 Rock) have set their sights on NYC and specifically Manhattan’s prized ZIP codes.

It’s baaaaack! Manhattan, says Nikki Field, senior global real estate advisor for Sotheby’s International Realty, is once again one of the world’s most coveted residential targets. “It seems everyone want an address of their own on this island,” she says, crediting new development sales and low inventory for driving up average prices during the last year. “Foreign buyers recognize the greater values and opportunities in New York real estate as opposed to other major world capitals. Consumer confidence in both the U.S. economy and the dollar has contributed to new record-setting prices in the luxury segment.”
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Yacht Sales Chart Growth for 2013
Despite growth in the numbers of wealthy consumers and the total amount of personal wealth, big ticket spending in many industries slowed or stopped during the recent crippling recession. That was arguably due, in part, to public perception. While the yachting industry hasn't jumped back to its pre-recession highs like some other luxury markets, Florida based yacht broker, Curtis Stokes believes that the industry is finally beginning to pull itself up from the bowels of a recession that plagued so many markets, including his own.
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Ferrari FXX: The Peak of Exclusivity
With only a few exceptions Ferrari ownership is an exclusive thing. The Prancing Horse not only gets you a visually stunning and rare Italian sports car, it also connects you to decades of unrivalled motorsports heritage and a Ferrari will always be associated with success, affluence, and a degree of discerning taste. Some of the cars, though, are more exclusive than others, and in the modern era one car in particular stands head and shoulders (and then some) above the rest in that department. Aside from the Formula One machines and the racing sports cars, the Enzo was about as elite as it got when it came out. You had to be invited to buy one, and to get one of these coveted invitations you had to be a well-documented Ferrari owner already. A couple of years later, though, it got even more select, making the Enzo look like a regular commodity. Enter the FXX program.

The whole thing was, simply put, a brilliant concept. Already interested in doing research and development for their next flagship hypercar, aka “the next Enzo”, which would eventually become the recently revealed LaFerrari, Ferrari constructed thirty Enzo-derived track cars to gather data and test things out. How they decided to actually run the cars, and here comes the brilliant part, was to charge people to become test drivers. Who wouldn’t want to be immersed in the whole Ferrari process while getting to drive one of the most exotic and technologically advanced cars in the world in anger? And by asking that painfully obvious question, Ferrari was able to delight customers, gain some great publicity, and get someone else to pay some of their R&D costs. Again, brilliant.
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2005 Porsche 911 Carrera
Stratham Porsche Audi is proud to offer this handsome-looking and fun 2005 Porsche 911 to excite your senses.
Audi & Porsche of Stratham
Sunseeker San Remo
The San Remo is unique - a combination of a sparkling performance yacht and a cruiser for the whole family, with plenty of space to stay overnight and thus perfectly suitable for long weekend trips
Sunseeker Germany AG
Eurocar is delighted to offer this pristine Ferrari 458 Italia. This 458 has all the desired options
Sunseeker 48 XPS
The XPS 48 is a limited edition with only 4 built. The gray exterior color and the use of carbon in the cockpit and XPS embroideries are a further guarantee of the limited edition.
Sunseeker Germany AG
One of a kind lower Penthouse
This truly one of a kind Capri Lower Penthouse is a custom built combination of an 01 & 02 line spanning the entire bay front length of this boutique luxury building.
Thomas Druck - Keller Williams Realty, Miami, FL
Sunseeker 53 Manhattan
This flybridge yacht Sunseeker has no equal. With the large light-filled saloon and three generous cabins with full standing height, the width and length of the ship was perfectly exploited.
Sunseeker Germany AG
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