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October 30, 2020


All masses, retreats and meetings have been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns until further notice. Join us at 9 am for a FaceBook live stream.

Todas las misas, retiros y juntas están canceladas por la precaución de COVID-19. Únate con P. Jon por un mensaje espiritual de “FaceBook Live Stream” por un mensaje a las 9:30 en español. 

November 2, All Souls Day, commemorates our ancestors. In many parts of Mexico, Central America and the US, families create “Altares de los Queridos Difuntos,” in homes, public spaces and at cemeteries. “Altares” are richly adorned with fruits, drinks and other items that celebrate the memory of the loved one who passed. “Altares” in public spaces often integrate political commentary with ironic humor. The Mexican Heritage Plaza is hosting a drive through “Avenida de las Altares” with 20 different exhibits all accessible through the safety of one’s car. The entrance to the exhibit is on Alum Rock.
Gospel Reflection: All Saints 
For this week’s reflection, please tune in to FaceBook Live at 9:00 am for a livestream reflection from Fr. Jon (English).  He will do a 9:30 am reflection (en español). 

Weekly Intercessions
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
Let us pray for whose lives have been broken by war and famine, especially for those displaced by the violence in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Central America.
Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Let us pray for all those who lost loved ones to COVID and especially for the 229,000 who have died in the US who leave behind millions of family members.
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.
Let us pray for those who are unhoused: for those who live in live under freeway passes, along the creeks and rivers, in doorways, on sofas, on mattresses on the living room floor, in garages, and in vehicles.
Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice,
for they will be satisfied.
Let us pray for those whose voices need to be heard: for those directly affected by racial prejudice, religious bigotry, hatred because of gender and sexual identity.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Let us pray for those who care for those whose suffering goes unnoticed by a society consumed by the glamor of power and wealth.
Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.
Let us pray for those who have worked hard to overcome prejudice, hatred and xenophobia.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Let us pray for those dedicated to social change through non-violent resistance.
Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
Let us pray for those who dare to speak truth to power and who place their bodies on the line to protect others from being beaten, hit with rubber bullets and choked by tear gas.
Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.”


Reflexión del Evangelio:
Todos los santos 

Para la reflexión de esta semana, sintonice FaceBook Live a las 9:00 a.m. para una reflexión en vivo del Padre. Jon (inglés). Hará una reflexión a las 9:30 am (en español). 

Intercesiónes semanales

“Dichosos los pobres de espíritu,
porque de ellos es el Reino de los cielos.
Oremos por cuyas vidas han sido destrozadas por la guerra y el hambre, especialmente por los desplazados por la violencia en el Medio Oriente, África Subsahariana y América Central.
Dichosos los que lloran, porque serán consolados.
Oremos por todos aquellos que perdieron a sus seres queridos a causa de COVID y especialmente por los 229.000 que han muerto en los Estados Unidos y que dejan atrás a millones de familiares.
Dichosos los sufridos, porque heredarán la tierra.
Oremos por los que no tienen vivienda: por los que viven en los pasos de las autopistas, a lo largo de los arroyos y ríos, en las entradas de tiendas, en los sofás, en los colchones del piso de la sala, en los garajes y en los vehículos.
Dichosos los que tienen hambre y sed de justicia,
porque serán saciados.
Oremos por aquellos cuyas voces necesitan ser escuchadas: por aquellos directamente afectados por el prejuicio racial, el fanatismo religioso, el odio debido al género y la identidad sexual.
Dichosos los misericordiosos, porque obtendrán misericordia.
Oremos por aquellos que se preocupan por aquellos cuyo sufrimiento pasa desapercibido por una sociedad consumida por el atracción del poder y la riqueza.
Dichosos los limpios de corazón, porque verán a Dios. Oremos por quienes han trabajado arduamente para superar los prejuicios, el odio y la xenofobia.
Dichosos los que trabajan por la paz, porque se les llamará hijos de Dios.
Oremos por quienes se dedican al cambio social a través de la resistencia no violenta.
Dichosos los perseguidos por causa de la justicia,
porque de ellos es el Reino de los cielos.
Oremos por aquellos que se atreven a decir la verdad al poder y que arriesgan sus cuerpos para proteger a otros de ser golpeados, golpeados con balas de goma y asfixiados por gases lacrimógenos.
Dichosos serán ustedes, cuando los injurien, los persigan y digan cosas falsas de ustedes por causa mía. Alégrense y salten de contento, porque su premio será grande en los cielos”.


News - Noticias

Please take the opportunity to reach out to your elected officials and tell them to prioritize vulnerable people and communities impacted by COVID-19. See the Social Policy Action Center for opportunities to take action.

Volunteer Training for Rally

Gandhi Team training on Eventbrite registration (Nov 1) --> →
Election 2020 Non- violence & De-Escalation Training

Other Nonviolence Training that people can take:
Counter-coup community organizing resource list
Safe & Fair Election Resources (US)
List of Nonviolence Training Classes


Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020

No COVID-19-Related Evictions Until February 1, 2021

  • Tenant cannot be evicted for a COVID-19 related hardship that accrued between March 4 – August 31, 2020 if tenant returns declaration of hardship under penalty of perjury.
  • Tenant cannot be evicted for a COVID-19 related hardship that accrues between September 1, 2020 – January 31, 2021 if tenant returns declaration of hardship under penalty of perjury and pays at least 25% of the rent due.
  • Higher income tenants (over $100K household income or over 130% of median household income, whichever is higher) must provide documentation to support their declaration upon a landlord’s request.
  • Applies to all residential tenants (including mobile home tenants), regardless of immigration status.
Tenants Still Responsible for Paying Unpaid Amounts to Landlords
  • So long as the tenant with COVID-19 related hardship follows the bill’s procedures, any unpaid rent due between March 4, 2020 – January 31, 2021 is not a ground/basis for eviction, but is still owed to the landlord as a form of consumer debt.
  • Small claims court jurisdiction is temporarily expanded to allow landlords to recover these amounts.
  • Landlords may begin to recover this debt on March 1, 2021. This expanded smallclaims court provision sunsets on February 1, 2025.
Additional Legal and Financial Protections for Tenants
  • Extends notice period for nonpayment of rent from 3 to 15 days to provide tenant additional time to respond to landlord’s notice to pay rent or quit.
  • Requires landlords to provide hardship declaration forms in a different language if rental agreement was negotiated in a different language.
  • Provides tenants a backstop if they have a good reason for failing to return the hardship declaration within 15 days.
  • Requires landlords to provide tenants a notice detailing their rights under the Act.
  • Limits public disclosure (“masking”) of eviction cases involving nonpayment of rent between March 4, 2020 – January 31, 2021.
  • Protects tenants against being evicted for “just cause” if the landlord is shown to be evicting the tenant for COVID-19-related nonpayment of rent.
Statewide Consistency and a Pause on Local Measures
  • Existing local ordinances can remain in place until they expire and future local action cannot undermine this Act’s framework.
  • Requires ordinances that provide a repayment schedule to begin repayment no later than March 1, 2021.
  • Clarifies that nothing in the Act affects a local jurisdiction’s ability to adopt an ordinance that requires just cause, consistent with state law, provided it does not affect rental payments before January 31, 2021.
Protections for Small Landlords
  • Extends the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights’ anti-foreclosure protections to small landlords, 1-4 units, non-owner occupied.
  • Provides new accountability and transparency provisions to protect small landlord borrowers who request CARES-compliant forbearance, and provides the borrower who is harmed by a material violation with a cause of action.
Significantly Increases Penalties on Landlords Who Do Not Follow Court Evictions Process
  • Increases penalties on landlords who resort to self-help (i.e., locking the tenant out, throwing property out onto the curb, shutting off utilities) to evict a tenant, rather than going through the required court process.

Volunteer with Catholic Charities to distribute food in partner parishes

You must click here to register to volunteer.

You need to register in order to volunteer.
Proper attire for volunteering: comfortable shoes. No slippers, flip flop’s, sandals or open-toe shoes.

Voluntario con Caridades Católicas para distribuir alimentos en parroquias asociadas
Tiene que enlace aquí para voluntarse. 
Estimenta adecuada para el voluntariado: zapatos cómodos. NO zapatillas, chanclas, sandalias ni zapatos abiertos.

Spiritual resources/Recursos espirituales

Social isolation can be very difficult because we long for the emotional elements that come from human connection and our sacramental tradition is dependent on human touch. Our spiritual health and emotional well-being are not two separate things, but inseparably connected, therefore, we need resources that not merely keep us distracted during this time, but resources that will help us grow.

Many parishes offer mass streaming online, including daily masses so please check your parish’s website to see if your parish offers mass. 

Every Sunday Fr. Jon will offer a 9 am message in English, repeated at 9:30 am in Spanish on his Facebook Page. You need to “friend” him to get the access to the reflections.

As social isolation becomes the “new normal,” we may need additional resources for our spiritual well-being.

Catholic Meditation and/or spiritual sources: (based on the teachings of Brother David Steindl-Rast) (Independent Catholic-sourced web resource) (Jesuit)

El aislamiento social puede ser muy difícil porque anhelamos los elementos emocionales que provienen de la conexión humana y nuestra tradición sacramental depende del toque física. Nuestra salud espiritual y nuestro bienestar emocional no son dos cosas separadas, sino que están inseparablemente conectadas, por lo tanto, necesitamos recursos que no solo nos mantengan distraídos durante este tiempo, sino recursos que nos ayudarán a crecer.

Muchas parroquias ofrecen transmisión de la santa misa online, incluidas las misas diarias, así que consulte el sitio web de su parroquia para ver si su parroquia ofrece misa. P Jon ofrece una reflexión cada domingo en español a las 9:30 am (inglés sera a las 9 am) en su página de Facebook. Tiene que “friend” al padre a tener acceso a las reflexiones.

A medida que el aislamiento social se convierte en la "nueva normalidad", es posible que necesitemos recursos adicionales para nuestro bienestar espiritual.

Meditación católica y / o fuentes espirituales:  (basado en las enseñanzas del hermano David Steindl-Rast)  (recurso web independiente de origen católico)  (jesuita)

Live FB Streaming with Fr. Jon
Sunday at 9 am  (English)

 Those who want to access the live stream, please “friend” Fr. Jon on Facebook. 

Transmisión en vivo con el P. Jon 
Domingo 9:30 am (español)

Aquellos que quieran acceder a la transmisión en vivo, por favor "friend" en FaceBook.


Click Here to see how YOU can help out your neighbors!
Haga clic AQUI para ver cómo USTED puede ayudar a sus vecinos!

Resources from the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley



California Department of Public Health - COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Prevention Recommendations / Prevención de COVID-19 Recomendaciones /

Coronavirus Mới (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Information By and For People with Disabilities / Información de COVID-19 Por y Para Personas con Discapacidades

Coronavirus – Information, Response, And Considerations (Western Center on Law & Poverty)



Covered California: Responding to the COVID-19 crisis, Covered California has announced a new open enrollment period that will extend through June 30. If you, a family member, friend, or any other Californian is losing health benefits, or just newly interested in getting insured, there is now the opportunity to enroll in comprehensive coverage for individuals and families.

March 18: Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order to Protect Ongoing Safety Net Services for Most Vulnerable Californians During COVID-19 Outbreak
The order waives eligibility re-determinations for 90 days for Californians who participate in:  Medi-Cal health coverage, CalFresh food assistance, CalWORKS,  Cash Assistance for Immigrants, and In-Home Supportive Services.


Public Charge: USCIS has announced that immigrants can seek testing, treatment, and prevention of COVID-19 without fearing immigration consequences due to public charge. The public charge regulations from the Department of Homeland Security & Department of State — which institute a wealth test in our immigration system – went into effect on Monday, February 24, 2020, while the litigation proceeds in the lower courts.

Please visit Protecting Immigrant Families for more information. // USCIS exhorta a todas aquellas personas, incluidos los extranjeros, que tengan síntomas similares a los de la enfermedad del coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) (fiebre, tos, dificultad respiratoria) a buscar el tratamiento médico o servicios de prevención necesarios. Dicho tratamiento médico o servicios de prevención no afectarán negativamente a los extranjeros como parte del análisis futuro de carga pública. 


For complete website see:

Amenazas de la deportación masiva - ¿Qué hacer?
¿Debemos tomar en serio la amenaza de Trump de deportar a millones de personas? Si y no. Al observar el nivel práctico de esta amenaza, el DHS no cuenta con personal para lograr este objetivo ... pero no podemos simplemente ignorar la amenaza de Trump porque su política de inmigración está orientada hacia la deportación. Los activistas de inmigración y el Grupo Solidaridad trabajan junto con equipos de acompañamiento que brindan apoyo emocional y espiritual y ayudan a conectarse a los servicios sociales, se respetan los recursos legales para garantizar que se respeta el debido proceso de la Constitución, y los defensores que trabajan para moldear la política pública y responsabilizan a los funcionarios públicos de garantizar que los inmigrantes sean respetados en el trabajo y la escuela, estén seguros en sus comunidades y puedan participar en sus propios asuntos públicos. Esté atento a las ALERTAS DE TEXTO en los próximos días para recibir alertas sobre eventos y acciones que apoyan a nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes en el Valle.
Threats of Mass Deportation - What to do?
Should we take Trump’s threat to deport millions of people seriously?  Yes and no. Looking at this threat form practical level, DHS is not staffed to accomplish this goal….but we cannot simply ignore Trump’s threat because his immigration policy is geared toward deportation.  Immigration activists and Grupo Solidaridad are working alongside accompaniment teams that provide emotional and spiritual support and help connecting to social services, legal resources to ensure due process under the Constitution is respected, and advocates who work to shape public policy and hold public officials accountable to ensure that immigrants are respected at work and school, secure in their communities, and able to engage in their own public affairs.  Watch for TEXT ALERTS over these next few days for alerts on events and actions that support our immigrant community in the Valley. 

Give the gift of life 
Click here to learn more about Marvelyn's story

Grupo Solidaridad is a part of an on-going community project of Catholic Charities’ division, Advocacy and Community Engagement.  For more information on how to get involved in Grupo Solidaridad, its activities or other groups associated with Grupo Solidaridad, contact Fr. Jon Pedigo at

Grupo Solidaridad es parte de un proyecto comunitario en curso de la división de Caridades Católicas, Advocacy and Community Engagement (Abogar y Compromiso Comunitario). Para obtener más información sobre cómo participar en Grupo Solidaridad, sus actividades u otros grupos asociados con Grupo Solidaridad, comuníquese con el P. Jon Pedigo en
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