I hope everyone's year is off to a great start. Most likely, for most of you reading this email, it's been a roller coaster of emotions. The past weeks have been beyond challenging for progressive liberals of the world. 

However... looking at the long term, the last weeks have left me enlightened and uplifted. I've watched raucous town hall meetings full of passionate defenders of equality and environment. I've seen the unprecedented statistics of civic engagement.  You can feel a groundswell of democracy defending itself. 

I spent inauguration day in the backcountry with a small group of close friends (photos below) and I realized that no matter what happens, there will always be beauty in the world to draw inspiration from; in people and in nature (though the rights of both are under threat).  

When I got back into cell service, my phone exploded with images and words from friends all over the world fighting for our shared values. The #womensmarch drew an estimated 4.8 million people worldwide, the largest turnout of any American demonstration since the Vietnam war. My heart filled with hope and pride with every photo and post.

I ended inauguration day at the 5 Points Film festival in a packed theatre full of passionate, creative, engaged, beautiful people. We watch film after film artfully tell stories of human kindness, resilience, responsibility and love. My heart buoyed, I cried with joy for the Kenyan women who no longer feared rape because they were given bicycles to ride to school, for the 90 year old grandmother who still danced on ice, and for Brody Leven's difficult bike ride in Norway (just kidding, that was funny). Thank you 5 Points Film Festival for reminding me how amazing humans can be.  
Watch this trailer if you want to get a tiny taste of the beauty I'm talking about. 
Jeep Shoot

At The Public Works we do herding cats but this is the first time dealing with 10 dogs at once on a major commercial production. There was some herding cats as well with over 35 people to move around the backcountry ranch but the whole operation was a well oiled machine. 

My favorite part of directing these productions is the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazingly talented people. I got to hire and collaborate with some of my heroes in the production world. 

Huge thanks to Jeep and Society Agency for the opportunity. 

Click on the Dogs to watch the spot!

Get Art, Give Back

I'm still giving $100 to a charity that is fighting for the things I believe in for every gallery mounted metal art print purchased. Giving back is a big part of what's getting me through these difficult political times and your purchase means a lot.

Courmayeur on Metal
Drone Life

I just got my hands on a DJI Mavic and I'm obsessed. I don't leave home without this thing. It gives me a beautiful new perspective on the world that I can capture and bring to you in 4k and 12mp. I'll keep improving as a pilot but the software in this thing makes it incredibly easy to fly. You'll be seeing these shots from around the world. So far: The Public Works had an Airstream meeting, Skatelite shoot, and surf session in San Diego and the aformentioned backcountry day outside Aspen. 

Nerd Alert

I'm going to try to add something to each one of these emails that's occupying my intellectual life at the moment.

I've recently been semi-obsessed with Sam Harris. Sam is an author, philosopher, and neuroscientist and has become something of a hero to me lately. I recommend anyone interested in delving deeper into the nature of reality and consciousness check out his podcast, Waking Up.

I'm currently listening to a fantastic interview with Max Tegmark, a Swedish-American cosmologist and professor at MIT, about the idea of a multiverse. Really interesting and mind bending ideas about the reality of space and time in a potentially infinite universe. 

Last thought... Anyone who values free press, science, equality, clean air clean water, diverse ecosystems, and a functioning democracy needs to find a way to act on their beliefs. I'm currently working through ways I can leverage my skills and experience to make the biggest impact, but in the meantime I signed up for: Daily Action So far it's been easy and fulfilling and I totally recommend it. 

I'm currently in NZ on a The Public Works shoot for Spyder and to document the beauty in this world (and be a hypocrite about contributing to green house gas emissions and a dependance on oil). Please buy a print to help counteract my guilt : )  $100 to charity for each one sold. 
Chasing Light - French West Indies
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Telluride Wings
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