12 Conferences to Watch
(and How to Get the Most from Them)

Conferences aren’t supposed to be hard.

Exciting, exhausting, educational? Yes. Difficult? Disappointing? Dull? No.

But we’ve all been there, either as a newbie with big dreams and a small Rolodex or as a veteran who has heard the same panel discussion once too often.

As we compiled a list of 12 conferences you might want to attend in 2016 (see below), the question kept coming up: How does a conferencegoer make the best use of time and registration fees?

AIR New Voices alum Anthony Martinez gave us five concrete tips: [READ MORE]


12 Conferences to Watch

June 8-11: National Federation of Community Broadcasters (Denver)
$450 fee

June 9-12: Alliance 2016 by the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (Oakland)
$350 for members, $450 for registration and new membership

June 15-17: Werk It at WNYC (New York)
Closed! But keep an eye out on social and for next year

June 24-25: Public Radio News Directors Incorporated (St. Louis)
$495 for PRNDI and AIR members; $745 for non-members


Five crafty links

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2. Do y'all even care? NPR Visuals built a tool to figure out how people interact with the team's stories. (Journalism.co.uk)

3. 'About 70 percent of the time, I think everything I do is trash.' Which is why you need a fairy godmother like Ira Glass. (Evelyn from the Internets)

4. IOWho? Nonprofit journalism depends on its funders. Sometimes that's OK. Sometimes it's really not. (Poynter)

5. Bad news, everybody: To attract an audience on social media, audio still needs visuals. (Nieman Lab)


New Member Corner:
'Get to the heart as quickly as possible'

Editor's note: AIR's New Member Corner highlights noteworthy additions to the network and their work. You can find and hire writer/producer/podcaster Stacia Brown and the rest of AIR's gifted community of producers through the AIR Talent Directory.

Stacia Brown
Baltimore, Maryland, by way of Lansing, Michigan
Joined AIR: March 2016

Professional experience/background: Creator of the Localore: Finding America project "Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City," at WEAA 88.9; freelance writing at Washington Post, New Republic, and elsewhere.

What's playing on your radio right now? Jazz. I'm at WEAA 88.9 FM, the station that airs our show, and they're known for jazz.

What's a podcast you've just learned about? 2 Dope Queens.

What do you think about that podcast? It's funny and endearing. I enjoy podcasts co-hosted by close friends. It's like being invited to a party. 

What are you looking to learn about your craft? I want to learn how to edit in the near future -- and I'm always trying to ask more precise questions, the right questions. I'm always trying to get to the heart of the issue as quickly as possible.

What piece of audio do you love to share with others? I tell everyone about NYT/WBUR's "Modern Love" and WBEZ's "Homemade Stories" with Shannon Cason.
What's inspiring you right now? Baltimore City and everyone who beams with pride when you ask them what part of town they're from, where they went to school, and what they love about their neighborhoods. 

What's the best piece of advice you've received about audio? Listen more than you speak. Don't interrupt the recording. 

How does public media reflect your American experience? I think Baltimore's public media does a good job of providing balanced, nuanced, and interesting portraits of the city.

How could it reflect your experience better? It could delve deeper into its exploration of the city's history of disparity and inequity and how history impacts current events.  

Who have you always wanted to interview? I'm pretty new to wanting to interview people. But since I've been producing "Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City," I've really wanted to interview Rep. Elijah Cummings. We've gotten close but haven't been able to book him yet.

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