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Last fall, AIRsters and friends hosted a Twitter chat about how to win and use a fellowship. Laura Starecheski (Reveal, AIR New Voices), Gabe Bullard (National Geographic), Hilary Powell (Lakeshore Public Media), Cynthia Graber (Gastropod), Tory Starr (WGBH), Kitty Eisele (NPR), and Betsy O'Donovan (AIR's editor/digital strategist) dropped their best advice and answered questions, which are archived here.

Every month, AIR compiles a list of grant, fellowship and award deadlines for the next eight weeks. Here's a sampling of great opportunities for journalists to fund their work and further their craft:

• Knight Wallace Fellowship

Deadline: Feb. 1, 2016
Details: Fellows devise a personalized study plan and participate in twice-weekly seminars. Extensive travel is a core component of the Knight-Wallace experience, with news tours to Argentina, Brazil and Turkey and a family trip to Northern Michigan. Stipends of $70,000 for U.S. fellows (varied for international fellows).
Knight-Wallace website

• The Reporting Award
Deadline: Feb. 22, 2016
Details: The Reporting Award supports a work of journalism in any medium on significant underreported subjects in the public interest. The maximum award is $12,500. Winners will have access to New York University’s libraries and the Institute’s facilities
The Reporting Award at NYU website 

 A complete listing of grants, fellowships and awards for January and February is available on AIR's website. [Login required]


Five links we like today

1. Where do podcasters get their music? Interesting question. (Morning Edition)

2. Yay, Downton's back! But why aren't you listening to Homefront? (BBC)

3. Ranging from larger than an apple to as big as a school bus. The stuff we've left in space and the trash belt around the planet. (NPR)

4. The girl who cried Y2K. Celebrate the new year with the winner of Mortified's Awkward Teen Poetry Contest. Cringes galore. (Mortified)

5. Convenient amnesia: How corporations profit from black teens' viral content. (The Fader).

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