Ethics check: Are you 'fooling listeners'? 

Editor’s note: How real does reality need to be? How much editing is too much? Must a producer use only sound recorded on site, in the moment a story occurs or is reported? Are journalism and documentary bound by the same ethics?

In this piece from AIR's archive, we consider some questions sparked by the “Journalism and Storytelling: Frenemies?” session at the 2014 Third Coast Conference in Chicago. The debate continued for days on the AIRdaily, the online gathering place for AIR’s network of producers:

Back in 2000, in my American RadioWorks days, I was doing a doc for “All Things Considered,” looking back on the bombing of Pan Am 103, that plane that fell on Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.

We opened the piece, along with narration about the plane taking off from Heathrow airport on Dec. 21, 1988, with nice stereo sound of a 747 taking off — recorded in Minneapolis in 2000.

We (my editor was Deb George, who worked for both NPR and ARW at the time) got into a little tussle with our other NPR editor, Loren Jenkins, over whether this was deceiving the listener.

We said it wasn’t ...  [READ MORE]

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