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Three identical portraits of President Ulysses S. Grant over the banner "grants, fellowships and awards"Each month, AIR compiles a list of fresh opportunities to fund journalism projects. This month, find grants for travel to Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Mexico, along with other competitive awards and funds for audio producers, writers and filmmakers.

A few samples:

IWMF Reporting Grants for Women’s Stories
Deadline: Rolling
Details: The International Media Women’s Foundation’s awards grants (average amount: $5,000) for women journalists to pursue international stories of importance through gender-sensitive coverage of underreported topics.

IWMF Adelante Reporting Initiative Fellowship – Mexico-U.S. Border
Deadline: Applications accepted July 6 to Aug. 7
Details: Funding for six women journalists to cover the Mexico-United States border on a reporting trip from Dec. 2-16, 2016.

IWMF Adelante Reporting Initiative Fellowship – Mexico
Deadline: Applications accepted July 6 to Aug. 7
Details: Funding for six women journalists to cover Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala from Dec. 2-16, 2016.

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• For ideas about how to find, land and use this kind of funding, check out this collection of advice from fellows from across the United States.

Five dreamy jobs

Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Stanley Tucci as her husband, Paul, are eating in a restaurant. Paul asks, "What do you really like to do?" "Eat," she replies.1. Sit back and watch the foodie fight: Christopher Kimball (late of America's Test Kitchen) is hiring an audio producer for his new pubmedia company. (Milk Street Kitchen)

2. Chief engineer wanted. Must love LUFs, summer camp. (Interlochen Center for the Arts)

3. #BlackStoriesMatter. APM Reports and The Washington Post are making a podcast to mark the opening of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African American History and Culture. Want to work on it?  (American Public Media)

4. Anyone can spend money. You can raise it. A New York network of two television stations, 13 radio stations, and digital and educational services needs a CEO. (WSKG)

5. Nine reporters. 663,300 square miles.  16,105 barrels of crude oil a year. KTOO needs an editor for its energy desk. (CPB Jobline)

“I like to go down to the lake and step on the ice”

Phil Batta, a white man with a brown beard and moustache, wearing an orange baseball cap and a scarf and wool jacket, stands in front of a row of brick buildings as the sun sets.In this occasional Finding America Team Corner, we’re introducing talent from the 15 Finding America productions. This Q+A has been lightly edited for space and clarity.

Chicago-based Phil Batta is the cinematographer and editor for Finding America production TruckBeat, and worked on previous Localore production Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota.

TruckBeat is a storytelling project about East Tennessee based in Knoxville at WUOT. The team takes a truck turned mobile studio out on the road to report on community health topics in depth. TruckBeat is led by independent producer Jess Mador in collaboration with WUOT news director Matt Shafer Powell.

AIR: Has there been a favorite moment you’ve had while working on TruckBeat?

BATTA: There are two: We needed to shoot the inaugural drive of the TruckBeat truck through the streets of Knoxville after we had the beautiful vinyl logos and design installed. We took the truck out but were not confident that this 1980s news truck could hold her own on the highway; we weren’t sure if she would reach the speed limit. So we mapped a local route to our shooting location. The back roads we took were probably more treacherous than the highway. ... It felt like we were riding a hippo through a grocery store.

My other favorite moment was when Jess and I were sitting in the edit room after a day of filming, trying to cut a one- to two-minute video for the web. We realized that the story we captured had so many great characters and so much nuance that we basically had no choice but to cut a 12- to 15-minute short film. I was so grateful to Jess as a producer for putting together these incredible relationships and paving the way for our production.

A large, granite building with pillars looms below the title "Roane County Courthouse" with a "play video" button.

AIR: What feels different about TruckBeat to you?

BATTA: TruckBeat is a bold physical representation of curiosity and community engagement. It’s a huge truck that shows up on the scene and cannot be ignored. Its sheer presence gives a reporting team permission to engage with people in new ways. Yes, reporters are ... [READ MORE]

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