$75,000 for "much more than ordinary" talent

Creative work is expensive.

And while it's usually been supplied by the artist-in-a-garret business model, there's another option that brings great work to life while allowing creative talent to eat: patronage.

As Ezra Pound wrote in 1915, "'If a patron buys from an artist who needs ... to buy tools, time, food, the patron then makes himself equal to the artist; he is building art into the world; he creates.''

Each month, AIR finds co-creators in the grants, fellowships and awards that fuel the art ecosystem, and we offer that list to the creators who make our ears, eyes and minds fizz with possibility. Is that you?

Here's a selection of upcoming opportunities; please log in and let us know what we might have missed:

• Princeton Hodder Fellowship
Deadline: Sept. 19, 2016
Details: A $75,000 fellowship for artists with “much more than ordinary” gifts, selected more “for promise than for performance.”

• Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship
Deadline: Oct. 11, 2016
Details: Living stipend, travel funds,and health benefits for an academic year of overseas travel and storytelling in one, two, or three countries on a globally significant theme. Storytellers will receive instruction and training by National Geographic editorial staff prior to their departure, and mentorship during the year.
• Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowships
Deadline: Oct. 14, 2016
Details: A stipend and housing for short-term research opportunities to individuals interested in working on special projects designed to advance journalism in some new way. Candidates need not be practicing journalists.

• Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship
Deadline: Oct. 17, 2016
Details: A one- or two-month residential fellowship with a $4,500 monthly stipend and complete access to the Smithsonian’s collections and archives.

For 18 more fellowships with deadlines before Nov. 1 , visit AIR's complete list of upcoming deadlines for grants, fellowships and awards [login required].

Five absolutely necessary off-air jobs

Jack Black screams "Oh, what do they teach in this place?!"1. "Development coordinator" means keeping track of money, throwing a great party. Can you do both? (WETA)

2. "Major gifts assistant" means all of that, plus donor research and thank-you notes at Michigan Radio. (CPB's Jobline)

3. "Membership campaign producer" means you make the media that makes people want to give money in the first place. (Vermont PBS)

4. "Director -- annual giving" means you come up with the strategy behind the media that leads to donations that require the thank-you notes. (Nebraska Educational Television)

5. "Public Media Director of Annual Giving" is all of that, but at Michigan State. (CPB Jobline)

Love, labor and league bowling

"I've been bowling here for 26 years," says Steve Fred, the owner of V&S Elmwood Lanes at 73rd & Elmwood. Fred bought the business six years ago to save it from closing. "It's one of those things where it's a blessing and a struggle at the same time. This is a neighborhood place. I take the opportunity to mentor and connect with the youth, and help our seniors. Our revenue is still predominately league based."

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