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Highways and Byways

Jack Kerouac once said that he was inspired to write his novel On the Road because of a vision he had while travelling out West. "In the clouds huge and massed above the fiery golden desert," he saw a finger pointed at him, and he heard a voice say, "Go thou across the ground … go thou, go thou … and of this world report you well and truly." Today, a dozen Localore producers have made their own journeys to communities far and near, using well-honed tools of radio and the multimedia flash of the Internet to share what they're finding along the way. Reporting those worlds, well and truly. In this month's AIRmuse, get your ticket to watch it all happen. It's AIR's new road movie.

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AIR Grows

Say hello to a fresh crop of members:

Monica Brady-Myerov/Boston, MA
Hans Buetow/St. Paul, MN
Jari Chevalier/Craftsbury, VT
Lucia Duncan/Austin, TX
Monica Gokey/Missoula, MT
Alexandra Hall/New York, NY
Christine Laskowski/New York, NY
Byrhonda Lyons/Oakland, CA
Laura McCandlish/Brunswick, ME
Dylan McCoy/Framingham, MA
Stephen McLaughlin/Philadelphia, PA
Nicholas Nehamas/Boston, MA
Marine Olivesi/Antakya, Turkey
Aleck Ragsdale/Atlanta, GA
Tinker Ready/Boston, MA
Charlie Reaume/Washington, DC
Wilson Sayre/Raleigh, NC
Craig Shank/Indianapolis, IN
Taylor Shoolery/San Francisco, CA
Julia Wetherell/New York, NY

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New Member Corner:

William Dahlberg

Joined AIR: February 2013 on the advice of his mentor, Tanya Ott.

Currently hails from: Birmingham, Alabama (by way of Vermont and by way of Cooperstown, New York).

Who? Freelance radio producer newbie, 2012 Transom Donor Fund recipient, and history buff who recently completed his M.A. in Liberal Studies. While finishing his master's thesis, he interned with Birmingham's local NPR station, WBHM. He was immediately hooked. Says Will, "Needless to say, I finally found my calling!"

Cool opp? Will cleaned parks in Moscow and taught English in Turkey, as part of his obligation for a scholarship.

Beyond radio? Will is the owner of a 1958 Cold War Soviet military Ural M-72 motorcycle with a sidecar (à la Indiana Jones).

Looking for? Says Will: "I am starting a podcast and am hoping to get specific advice on launching it, getting sponsors, production advice, as well as hopefully finding a strong radio mentor. I think AIR is the best resource to get me started."

Giving back? Will’s got experience in research and history. Get in touch with him if you need help chasing down information or recordings that may seem unattainable. He says, “Probably my proudest moment was when I got the nerve to track down a phone number for Sir. Roger Bannister and cold called him.”

The road ahead? Will is aiming to launch his podcast, "After The Fact," which will present unique and thought-provoking multimedia stories about history "big and small," from oral histories, genealogy, and preservation "finds." He’s also looking for stories from producers and individuals.


This is Localore -- a documentary.

Yes, In My Backyard
And Other Rural Realities

By Sally Kane, Executive Director @ KVNF-FM

This past January, producer Julia Kumari Drapkin wrote an AIR Spotlight feature about her experience putting together her project iSeeChange. She wrote about how she'd uprooted herself from her home in Washington, D.C., and accepted AIR's assignment to move to rural Colorado to embed herself for a year at public radio station KVNF in Paonia, a town with a main street barely three blocks long. Her vision is to engage citizens in new ways that enable them to document and tell their own story of change. By doing so, Julia hopes to bring new understanding of how Paonia's particular microcosm fits into the larger picture of climate change — in the U.S. and around the world.

Julia wrote about how iSeeChange is bringing together the station staff and the farmers, ranchers, scientists, hippies, and coal miners who live and work in the North Fork Valley. Now, Sally Kane, the executive director at KVNF, gives her perspective on the challenges and rewards of undertaking a project that combined big risks with big rewards.

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To Do:

National Federation of Community Broadcasters Conference (NFCB)
May 29–June 1
San Francisco, CA

The Making Of... at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
May 30–May 31
San Francisco, CA

The Kitchen Sisters and KQED bring makers from across the region together for a "Makers’ Fare." La Burbuja, the portable sound booth from Los Angeles' Sonic Trace, Zeega, and AIR will be in the house.

Games for Change Festival
June 17–19
New York, NY

Public Radio News Directors Conference (PRNDI)
June 19–23
Cleveland, OH

Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC)
July 11–13
Atlanta, GA

HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival
June 20–23
San Francisco, CA

The National Audio Theatre is at it again, celebrating the infinite variations of storytelling in live and scripted solo performances, multi-voiced, classic radio drama, experimental narrative, and poetry. They say "all the world is a stage," and AIR says get yourself to this one. Details and registration here.

National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association Conference
August 22–25
Boston, MA

PRPD Public Radio Programming Conference (PRPD)
SAVE THE DATE! September 17–19
Atlanta, GA

Prix Italia
September 21–26
Turin, Italy

This international competition and celebration of radio, television, and multimedia convenes for the 65th time. You’ll find eligibility requirements are here.

Prix Europa
October 19–26
Berlin, Germany

Europe’s largest festival for TV, radio, and online media. A number of U.S. producers have been honored through the years; programming must be made in Europe. Gates for submission for the competition open May 1. Deadline is July 1.

Filmless Festival (from the Third Coast International Audio Festival)
SAVE THE DATE! October 19–20
Chicago, IL

This celebration of the “art of listening” comes just every other year, and this one is IT. Our inimitable colleagues at Third Coast lead us into the deep recesses of “ear” in ways like no other. Don’t miss a beat by signing up for their alerts.

Public Radio "Super-Regional" Meeting
November 12–14
Washington, DC area (TBD)

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Ushahidi means "testimony" or "witness" in Swahili, but it's also the name of a place-based crowdsourcing platform touted by the Knight Foundation as one of the 10 digital tools for journalists to learn. Use this site to gather insight from the public on breaking news events and map their reports in real time. Kick the tires and see if Ushahidi can provide your project with new depth. — Erin Mishkin

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