Pitch: Australia's 'Soundproof' wants stories

The first rule is the simplest: If you want to produce, you need to pitch.

Pitching stories to editors serves purposes beyond securing a paycheck. A good pitch distills a story to its essence, and offers a focal point as you gather sound, interviews and more information. In the middle of a sprawling edit, a pitch can pull you back to what really matters.

Indie producers have to pitch, and AIR offers both advice on pitching and a directory of networks, programs and podcasts that want your work. One new listing comes straight out of Oz:

Soundproof is art for your ears, produced weekly for Radio National for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
We are looking for radio art that pushes beyond all genres, including fiction, features and drama, and embraces all styles, including gonzo, concrete and collage, to name a few.
Duration: We present and encourage works of all lengths, but the maximum duration we can work with is 50 minutes. We also accept series ideas that naturally stretch across several episodes (5- 20 minutes)
We’re looking for original radio art in all forms, including:
• Composed features: Sound-rich features, fiction or non-fiction of all durations, with sound as integral to the story as the narrative elements.
• Sonic fictions/ soundscapes: Stories told through sound that are unconventional, colourful and take you on a journey. Include links to any relevant sample field recordings or pre-existing audio on the proposal form.
• Drama: Experimental drama or drama with a strong focus on sound and composition. Send us an existing script with the sonic treatment, along with your proposal form.
• Other: Performance documentary, radio cinema, sound poetry, instructional radio, text sound compositions and audio that breaks the fourth wall. But especially genres we haven’t even imagined.
Payment: Our fee offers are in AUD.
Soundproof’s sister and more narrative-driven creative audio program is Radiotonic.
show: 50 minutes weekly
segments: varied
compensation: $800-$4,500 AUD, depending on length, level of experience, and program complexity
pitch: Submission guidelines can be found at https://abcrn.submittable.com/submit/57063
contact: Rosa Gollan, production coordinator
email: gollan.rosa@abc.net.au
website: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/soundproof/

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4. $10K, a whole lot of attention, and the thanks of a grateful nation. The Future of Storytelling Award competition is open until June 30. (Create Daily)

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