Dispatches from a deeper America:
What links municipal courts and roller rinks  

The 15 teams from Localore: Finding America have been given a responsibility: Go out into the spaces in this country where public media doesn't reach, and build media with and for the communities there. Extend public media's service to all of the United States, and bring back new stories and ways to tell them.

Later this year, we will launch a documentary metasite to coalesce and remix all that our teams uncover. Join us as we explore both the stories and the storytelling by signing up for the Finding America newsletter. 


Imagine this: You're in Charm City. It's the 1970s. If you're white, you're wondering what's happening to your Baltimore. If you're black, you know all too well what's happened.

"Keep Shaking and Baking" is a story of NFL stars, municipal corruption, and how black families fought for a share of Charm City's community development funding.  

- from Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City on WEAA


“One of the problems of our court systems in New Orleans ... is they rely too heavily on funds generated by people who are arrested, prosecuted, detained and convicted,” says Jon Wool, the director of the Vera Institute of Justice in New Orleans.

Eve Abrams begins her exploration of how incarceration changes a city and its communities with a story about how misdemeanors spiral into jail time and court fees that cost more than a mortgage.

- from Unprisoned on WWNO

Last fall, Sterling Cosper heard rumblings about a tribal council member allegedly getting bumped up the federally mandated housing waitlist.

If true, it would be highly illegal - a hot story for any editor to jump on. But, Cosper took a pause. He and his staff weren’t sure if they should pursue the story.

The ink was still drying on a bill granting them free press protections, and they were nervous they could lose their jobs if tribal officials didn’t like what they read or saw.

- from Invisible Nations from KOSU

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'Finding America' wins MacArthur grant

MacArthur, a supporter of social-issue film and digital media projects for more than three decades, announced 19 grants totaling nearly $2.5 million for documentary and interactive projects. AIR's forthcoming "Finding America" documentary and its team of (mostly) audio makers was among this year's grantees, chosen from nearly 500 applicants.

The selected projects address a range of timely issues, including the Syrian refugee crisis, race relations and inequality in the United States, mental illness, police and community relations, and environmental pollution. [READ MORE]

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