How I Made It: The pitch that won
WNYC's podcast accelerator contest

by Tobin Low


Hug enthusiast Tobin Low embraces hug-resistant Kathy Tu, his long-distance production partner, as they're reunited at the 2014 Third Coast conference in Chicago. “Let’s just open a Google doc.”

Anytime my production partner, Kathy Tu, and I start talking about a new project, someone inevitably utters this sentence. Since we live on different coasts — Kathy in Los Angeles, me in New York — it’s a necessity, but also a call to action. It means we’ve spent too much time just kicking an idea around and wondering “What if?” and now it’s time to actually do something.

So a couple months ago, when WNYC put out a call for new podcast ideas, one of us (I forget who) said the fateful words that mean we’re about to take the plunge: “Let’s just open a Google doc.”

The Application

We’re both proud members of the community, and an LGBT-themed podcast was a project we had wanted to take on for a while.

The initial paper application asked for standard information: what the show would sound like, an elevator pitch, what we thought the audience for our podcast would look like, and what other shows we considered influences.

Superstar radio producer Meg Cramer once told me that the key to pitching is making a producer’s life easier. For the podcast accelerator pitch, that meant ... [READ ON]


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Catching AIR: Meet our newest additions

Pritha RaySircar | Brooklyn, NY
Sophie McKibben | Providence, RI
Devika Bakshi | Montclair, NJ
Brenna Daldorph | Paris, France
Ciara Gillan | Dublin, Ireland
Martine Powers | Miami, FL
Hannah Colton | Dillingham, AK
Jimmy Gutierrez | West Bend, WI
Durrie Bouscaren | St. Louis, MO
Shahla Farzan | Redwood City, CA
Jessica Placzek | San Francisco, CA
Gisele Regatao | Brooklyn, NY
Kelly Prime | Richmond, VT
Nora Hiatt | Indianapolis, IN
Mona Yeh | Chicago, IL
Wayne Baker | Yellow Springs, OH
Chris Roberts | St. Paul, MN
Ian Lewis | San Francisco, CA
Maggie Freleng | Ridgewood, NY
Melissa Tapper Goldman | Newton, MA
Sharon Glassman | Longmont, CO
Jesse Baker | New York, NY
Rowan Moore Gerety | Yakima, WA
Luke Vander Ploeg | Chicago, IL
Michelle Macklem | Montreal, Canada
Summer Fields | Chicago, IL
Michelle Johnson | Indianapolis, IN
Hannah Leigh Myers | Louisville, CO
Andre Perez | Chicago, IL
Brent Wolfe | Chapel Hill, NC
Fannie Cohen | Sunnyside, NY
David Brower | Chapel Hill, NC
Ayana Contreras | Chicago, IL
Lewis Wallace | Yellow Springs, OH
Elaine Sheldon | Elkview, WV
Sophia Paliza-Carre | Brooklyn, NY
Clare Fieseler | Washington, DC
Nancy Rosenbaum | Minneapolis, MN
Susan Weidman Schneider | New York, NY
Khristina Kravas | San Francisco, CA
Steven Emmons | Albuquerque, NM
Patrick Montague | Fulton, MD
Kip Reinsmith | Los Angeles, CA
Julie Smith | Glendale, CA
Joe Armstrong | Glendale, CA
Rebekah McMullen | Omaha, AR
Christopher Hickey | Little Rock, AR
Marissa Ortega-Welch | Oakland, CA
Carrie Swiggum| Lund, Canada
Chris Bentley | Medford, MA
Christine Herman | Champaign, IL
Nora Casper | Chapel Hill, NC
Ben Hessler | Blue Bell, PA
David Crosman | Bloomington, IL
Ben Hess | Half Moon Bay, CA
Sonya Green | Seattle, WA
Eli Newman | West Bloomfield, MI
Rachel Hubbard | Oklahoma City, OK
Emily Richardson-Lorente | Charlottesville, VA
Steve Ramsey | Bellevue, WA
Sabrina Dorow | Bloomington, IN
Arthur Jones | Bloomington, IN
Colton Shaffer | Bloomington, IN
Matthew Peterson | Bloomington, IN
Kyle J Smith | Kansas City, MO
Rachel Yates | Granger, IN
Jordin Perkins | Granger, IN
Sarah Panfil | Indianapolis, IN
Elora Braden | Yellowknife, NT
Jennifer Pemberton | Logan, UT
Matt Bloom | Bloomington, IN
Lindsey Wright | Indianapolis, IN
Gina Yu | Birmingham, AL
Taylor Killough | Jamaica Plain, MA
David Lein | Minneapolis, MN
Gabbie Watts | Atlanta, GA
Pita Juarez | Phoenix, AZ
Arshia Haq | Los Angeles, CA
Cooper McKim | Frenchtown, NJ
Jen Altschul | Seattle, WA

Grants and Fellowships

  • Health Coverage Fellowship
    Deadline: Nov. 30, 2015
    Details: The Health Coverage Fellowship is designed to help reporters and editors do a better job covering critical healthcare issues. Each year, 10 journalists are selected from across the country for nine days of training at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. 
  • Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University
    Deadline: Dec 1, 2015 (international applicants) or Jan. 31, 2016 (American applicants)
    Details: A $65,000 fellowship over nine months for 24 journalists with at least five years of experience to pursue a course of study at Harvard University.
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