How I Made It: The story that won KCRW's 24-Hour Radio Race


Every summer, KCRW puts on the 24-hour Radio Race, in which producers scramble to report, mix and submit a story against the clock. 

When the 2014 theme -- "You should know" -- was announced, AIR producer Anna Boiko-Weyrauch set out in a borrowed blue Honda Civic with her audio kit, a laptop, and a cell phone.

Here’s how she won the Radio Race -- and its $1,000 prize -- with a story about a chemical spill, a shower that smelled “exactly like sugar-free Red Bull,” and the creation of an environmental activist:

At first, I had no intention of entering the Radio Race. It seemed kind of like a lot of work and when you make radio as your job, it becomes less attractive to make radio as something you do for play.

But I had been working as a temporary production assistant on the investigations desk at NPR. It had ended and I was like, oh, well, I have the time. No big deal. I guess I’ll do it.

It was a grand adventure. [Read more]

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