Full Spectrum Class of 2015: Magazine editors, filmmakers, podcasters, & radio artists

AIR has chosen 14 creative professionals to make up the Winter 2015 class of its Full Spectrum Storytelling Intensive Workshop.

The weeklong creative workshop is led by veteran storytellers from “This American Life,” Gimlet Media, ProPublica, WNYC and across the public media landscape.

The competitive application is open to independent media makers and station-based talents who want to integrate audio, video, text, data and digital media into their work. The Winter 2015 class includes Pulitzer Prize and Murrow Award winners, international correspondents, storytelling educators and ... [MORE] 


What We're Reading

1. "Nothing made sense." Humans of New York Refugee Stories.

2. 1 Smartphone. 1 StoryCorps mobile app. 1 person that you love. Stir & Record. The Great Thanksgiving Listen.

3. Words about words from our sponsors. Real anxieties about branded content via StartUp.

4. Radiolab's Robert Krulwich dealt with that amorous turkey the way any rational, mature husband would (via The Sporkful with Dan Pashman).

5. "What they didn't realize at the time was that what they were inventing was programming for people like themselves." NPR's fight for new audiences.

New president, new members of AIR board

Neenah Ellis, the general manager of WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio, has been elected president of AIR's board of directors. 

Ellis and the board welcomed new members Martina Castro (co-founder of Radio Ambulante), Alex Kapelman (host of Pitch and podcast consultant) and Joan Kobayashi (vice president and CFO of Greater Public) at AIR's headquarters in Boston last week.

Meet AIR's board.

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