The art (and act) of asking:
How indie producers and stations work together


"Learn to think about what you need, and then boost it by 30 percent. Then ASK FOR IT."

That was Sue Schardt's much-tweeted advice for the audience at WNYC's Werk It podcasting conference this summer.

Schardt, along with "Baltimore: Rise of Charm City" creator Stacia Brown and WHYY's community media editor, Jeanette Woods, offered 35 minutes of brass-tacks advice and tactics for collaborations between indie producers and stations. Their conversation, 
moderated by WNYC's enterprise editor, Karen Frillmann, ranged from how to frame an indie's value to the station, what stations need in order to reach new audiences, and how to get it all done.

One key point: Any good pitch or negotiation starts with clear information about the other party's needs and expectations -- an area that AIR has explored through the creation of its rate guides for NPR, Marketplace/American Public Mediacommunity stations and podcasts, and through contract templates for indie producers.

Watch the whole panel and more from Werk It here.

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