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A Declaration of Independents

It began in 1988, with 10 producers sitting around a kitchen table. They held these truths to be self-evident: that independents generated some of the most creative, groundbreaking, meaningful work heard on public radio; that they needed and deserved better, and more recognition within the system; that too often they labored in not-so-splendid isolation and less-than-genteel poverty. Their declaration of independents became this organization and vibrant network — AIR.

Now nearly a thousand strong, AIR producers are everywhere and work in every medium, and this silver-anniversary year brings a collective voice, heard loud and clear. Celebrate AIR's progress, achievement, and collaboration this fall with Torey Malatia, Glynn Washington, producers and station managers from across the U.S. More details are here!

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AIR is 25 at PRPD

AIR Grows

Holy smokes! Watch us grow! Say hello to a fresh crop of members:

Ann Marie Awad/New York, NY
Malik Ayub Sumbal/Islamabad, Pakistan
Jonathan Binder/Atlanta, GA
Alison Brody/Washington, DC
Molly Callister/Los Angeles, CA
MIckey Capper/Chicago, IL
Jaymeson Catsouphes/San Francisco, CA
Kate Davidson/Washington, DC
Topher Forhecz/New York, NY
Zach Hirsch/Brooklyn, NY
Feather Houstoun/Philadelphia, PA
Carla Javier/Princeton, NJ
Jennifer Jordan/Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Kastenbaum/New York, NY
Emma Lacey-Bordeaux/Atlanta, GA
Diana Lempel/Cambridge, MA
Puck Lo/New York, NY
Michele Magar/San Francisco, CA
Elizabeth Mak/San Jose, CA
Rebecca Marvil/Houston, TX
Harsha Menon/Somerville, MA
Shara Morris/Los Angeles, CA
Elliot Nicolson/Athens, OH
John Rieger/Berkeley, CA
Maxine Rubin/Chappaqua, NY
Nova Safo/Chicago, IL
Jacqueline Shoen/London, England
Molly Stentz/Madison, WI
Lilly Sullivan/Brooklyn, NY
Ivy Tzur/Chicago, IL
Sarah Ventre/Washington, DC
Mary Wesley/Lincoln, VT
Steven Yenzer/Baltimore, MD

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Cool Tool:

Got a sequential tale to tell? Mosey on over to TimelineJS— an open-source tool for crafting linear multimedia narratives built by producer Zach Wise for Northwestern's Knight Lab. Plot your events in a Google Spreadsheet (template provided) and link in related audio and video content, images, tweets, maps, and more. Voilà — embed ready! See it in action with this "Color Walking" tour from Radiolab, or follow along with Curious City’s blow-by-blow investigations. Time to get chronological …

- Jessica Clark


Listening, Pleasure as selected by Karen Michel and Samara Freemark.

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Listening, Pleasure

By Karen Michel and Samara Freemark

It’s summertime and several of us have slowed down enough to be able to catch up on all the listening we’ve put aside till now. We’re sticking in our earbuds during the long hot drive to the beach, lying in our backyard hammocks or inside with the AC cranked.

We’re not talking “easy listening” as in traditional beach reading, but stories that excite, get our blood stirring and our creative juices pumping.

In case you’ve been too busy to create your own audio stockpile, we’ve invited two AIR producers — Karen Michel and Samara Freemark — to create their own lists to share with you.

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Spotlight Archive

To Do:

PRPD Programming Conference
September 17–19
Atlanta, GA

Producers flock to Atlanta for AIR’s every-other-year collaboration with PRPD to talk public radio programming. Localore producers, Ann Heppermann’s “art of the pitch,” Meograph, Pop Up Archive, and more. The focus is programming, and we’ve got a great lineup:

  • Building a “Go-Team”: The Secret Sauce of Invention (9/17)
  • Pat Harrison on “Women Leading During Time of Change” (9/17)
  • Public Media’s “Full Spectrum” Storytelling (9/18)
  • AIR MINGLE for all (9/18)
  • Getting to Yes: The Art of the Perfect Pitch (9/19)
  • Story-First Technology (9/19)
  • The Kitchen Sisters’ closing performance (9/19)
Go here to learn more about happenings. Register here.

Prix Italia
September 21–26
Turin, Italy

This international competition and celebration of radio, television, and multimedia convenes for the 65th time. You’ll find eligibility requirements here.

Online News Association (ONA) Conference
October 17–19
Atlanta, GA

This one-of-a-kind gathering of digital journalists includes sessions “Audio Everywhere: Radio in the Digital Age,” “Big Data, Little Newsroom,” “Jazz & Journalism,” and more here.

Filmless Festival (from the Third Coast International Audio Festival)
October 19–20
Chicago, IL

This celebration of the “art of listening” comes just every other year, and this one is IT. Our inimitable colleagues at Third Coast lead us into the deep recesses of “ear” in ways like no other. Don’t miss a beat by signing up for their alerts.

Public Radio "Super-Regional" Meeting
November 12–14
Washington, DC

New Member Corner: Malik Ayub Sumbal

Follow on Twitter: @ayubsumbal

Joined AIR: July 2013.

Currently hails from: Islamabad, Pakistan. He joins the global ecosystem of international AIRsters, now spread across the world in 20 countries, from Egypt and India to Australia and China.

Who? Malik is an award-winning investigative journalist whose beat is terrorism, democracy, human rights, and peace-building issues in Pakistan. He is currently a freelance contributor to multiple international outlets, including Deutsche Welle Radio, FSRN, The Diplomat, Asia Calling Radio, and The Los Angeles Post. Read some of his work here.

The road ahead? Says Malik, “AIR is a new world and the sky's the limit in front of me.”

Looking for? He learned about AIR via a Google search, and he’s excited about taking advantage of the resources and networking that belonging to AIR brings. He says: “I find AIR to be one of the best communities for freelance journalists. It’s really great to get connected and to engage in discussions on any issue.” Get in touch with Malik to welcome him to AIR.

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Funding for AIR comes from our members and the generous support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), the Wyncote Foundation,, and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

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