Kapelman's Guide to the Creation of a Dope Project: 9 tips to keep indie podcasters happy, sane and moving forward 

Editor’s note: Here at AIR HQ, we spend a lot of time talking to, listening to, and thinking about podcasts. In our 2015 survey of independent producers, 26 percent of the AIR network told us that they already produce or host podcasts (up from just 8 percent in 2014), and 40 percent of AIRsters listed podcasting as the most desirable audio production skill to acquire.

The thing is, independent podcasting isn’t easy. A lot of podcasts falter after a few episodes. Many more limp between dreams of becoming “Serial” and the reality of brutal hours of unpaid work.

So what makes a successful podcast (or podcaster)? Audio production skills are important -- as are a good grip on podcasting pay rates -- but there’s also an indefinable something that sets happy podcasters apart from their peers.

We’ve been interested in “Pitch,” created by Alex Kapelman and Whitney Jones, since “HowSound” host Rob Rosenthal introduced us to the show in its first season. In 2014, they hit on an innovative strategy for launching a second season. These days, Kapelman is on AIR’s board of directors, has launched a podcast consulting firm, and helped pilot Gimlet Media’s “Surprisingly Awesome.”

We asked him for advice about how to create a sustainable, independent podcast. He fired back with nine things that indie producers can do to stay sane, happy, and productive while making their thing. [READ MORE]

5 #pubjobs links

1. Scoop up the $100,000 Spotlight investigative journalism fellowship. Applications are due Feb. 29.

2. You're checking CPB Jobline for #pubmedia jobs, right? Of course you are.

3. They promise not to judge your playlists: WBEZ's "Sound Opinions" is hiring a producer. Don't be fooled: They probably will judge your playlists.

4. Boise State Public Radio wants: a general manager/executive director. You have: experience leading a university station, open-but-decisive style.

5. "Quite simply, we are looking for an amazing someone": Snap Judgment is hiring a producer to work in the Bay Area.

New Member Corner: "Radio is my next frontier"

Name: Brittany Moya del Pino
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Joined AIR: January 2016

Professional background: I’ve been working as a science writer for about 15 years, most of them spent as a federal contractor in the Washington, D.C., area and focused on stories about cancer research. Three years ago I quit my job to freelance. I wanted to explore new topics in science, new storytelling venues and platforms and audiences, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. Radio is my next frontier; joining AIR is one of my first steps in that direction.

Which podcast have you just learned about? I was reminded of “Reply All” while listening to “Radiolab” this morning (first mention came while I was listening to “StartUp” last year). The episode they shared, “The Cathedral,” had me bawling in the bathtub.


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