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The Pragmatist's Guide
to Podcasts and Money


by Cynthia Graber

Where is the money? That’s what indie podcasters need to know — or at least consider.
In September, I co-launched “Gastropod,” a new, independent podcast that looks at food through the lens of science and history. I love the subject, and I love working in audio — but I’m not venturing into this new medium simply out of love. Nicola Twilley and I need something else for our time and effort: payment.
Maybe you’ve read Fast Company’s “The surprisingly profitable rise of podcast networks,” or the Washington Post’s “Podcasts are back – and making money.”

I’m excited about those headlines, but I’m also a bit skeptical. The articles primarily focus on big-name podcasts with either large stations or media enterprises behind them or already existing audiences.

My co-host and I had neither in September, when we launched. Despite that, we’ve been fortunate to quickly develop a relatively large and enthusiastic audience, at least for two indies. But our income thus far? Zero.

So I, too, am paying close attention to the business models for podcasting.

Based on my research, along with some discussions on the AIRdaily after this year's Third Coast Conference, here are some ways I think we might make this thing work ... [READ MORE]

How Do Lesser-Known Podcasts Build an Audience? by Ashley Milne-Tyte
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Reuters Journalism Program
Deadline: Dec. 15
Details: A nine-month contract with Reuters that provides training in financial reporting for recent graduates (up to three years of experience). Based in New York, London, or Asia.

NEH America's Media Makers production grants
Deadline: Jan. 8
Details: Awards that range from $100,000 to $800,000 for one- to three-year projects that "explore stories, ideas, and believes that deepen our understanding of our lives and our world."
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A blast of fresh AIRsters

Isabel Angell | Richmond, CA
Allegra Bandy
 | Oakland, CA
Joel Carnegie
 | Geelong West, Australia
Mary Decker
 | Parksville, British Columbia
Matt DeStefano
 | Chicago
Andrew Detsch
 | Berkeley, CA
Phoebe Flanigan
 | Portland, OR
Sinan Goknur
 | Durham, NC
Daniel Goldberg
 | Chicago
James Gralian
 | Denver
Benedikte Granvig
 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Hayley Grossman
 | Louisville, KY
Chris Hambrick
 | Oakland, CA
Samuel Hansen
 | Detroit
Mishy Harman
 | Jerusalem
Evan Johnson
 | Minneapolis
Annabel Lang
 | Chicago
Travis Lux | Austin, TX
Yochai Maital
 | Tel Aviv, Israel 
National Endowment for the Arts | Washington, D.C.
Paloma Orozco
 | Chicago
Barbara Paulsen
 | Washington, D.C.
Mary Quintas
 | Pawcatuck, CT
Josephine Reed
 | Washington, D.C.
Jocelyn Robinson
 | Yellow Springs, OH
Roxanne Scott
 | New York
Raja Shah
 | San Francisco
Jenn Stanley
 | Chicago
Anna Stitt
 | West Fork, AR
Danielle Thomsen
 | Bozeman, MT
Estlin Usher
 | Chicago
WFMT Network | Chicago
Melanie Young
 | San Francisco
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