AIRdaily challenge: Record a feast? 

A man in a flat-topped cap roller skates in front of a projected background of the ocean at the Shake and Bake Family Fun Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The Localre: Finding America logo is superimposed on the image.How to record a lobster diver under 90 feet of water. What kind of gear should be sacrificed to Burning Man. Why you need a shotgun and a dead cat to record in a Cessna

Questions posted to the AIRdaily are rarely boring.

And, although the private community for AIR producers is a great place to find tape synchs, to post (and read) calls for pitches, and to discuss the vagaries of life and business as an independent producer, the technical questions are where the conversations get specific, weird and wonderful.

Catherine Girardeau, an associate producer for “Marketplace” and the creative director for Earprint Productions, posed a fun question in April: How to record a dinner party?

We’re reposting the conversation with permission from all parties:


A headshot of Catherine Girardeau, a blonde woman wearing a gray-and-yellow sweater in front of the oceanCatherine Girardeau: I’m producing a feature that involves a reporter sitting down for dinner with 10 people around a long table. (I’m hoping it’s round, but it might be rectangular. TBD.) I need to capture her conversation, but also want to capture the side conversations happening.

I’m thinking about ... [READ MORE]


Five jobs if you're ready for a change

1. What kind of tickets do 🚓  philanthopy officers 🚓  write? Gala tickets. Send your license and registration to Oregon Public Broadcasting. (OPB)

2. Spring spree: WAMU's newsroom is growing like dandelions. Editorial director? Live events producer? Managing editor of digital? More? Click the link, make a wish. (WAMU)

3. Brooklyn's too expensive, but you still want artisanal mayonnaise. May we recommend this news director job at WCQS in Asheville? (CPB Jobline)

4. Fun fact: Fulbright fellows can take their entire families abroad for a year. Do you have five years' journalism experience and a great project? Apply. (U.S. Department of State)

5. Libraries + public media meet at the apex of nerdery. May WBEZ's new archivist position go to someone with avant hosiery and art nouveau hair. (WUWM)

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