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Final throes, working madly

It's the thick of summer heat, and MQ2 producers are working feverishly to unleash their projects by the end of August. From their sweat and toil, we bring you something cool and thirst quenching: a drink of MQ2.

Sam Schongalla,
AIRblast Publication Manager

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August 1 – Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships

August 1 – Trust for Mutual Understanding

August 1 – American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science Journalism Award

August 13 – National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Access to Artistic Excellence Grants

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"Dip in the Pool and a Sip of Cool": an audio cocktail of sounds from MQ2 (4:28)

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Producers "Actually Doing It"
...weaving a new public media web between stations, networks, and diverse local communities

By Julie Drizin

A few years back, a clever display ad in the Washington City Paper caught my eye and captured my imagination, so much so that I felt compelled to rip it out and post it on the daily story board in our production suite at WETA-FM. The ad was for an improv theater group and the fancy-fonted copy proclaimed, "Classically Trained in the Fine Art of Making Sh*t Up." This little phrase would soon become our staff mantra.

I had been hired at WETA-FM to launch a daily hybrid program that would blend news and talk, online and on-air, and create a sense of place and common ground for the diverse communities of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia that make up the Washington metropolitan area. We called it The Intersection. At the time, without a model to imitate, we had to mold and chisel it ourselves. And each day, our diverse team of producers invented a new show guided by local news events, but ultimately about whatever sparked our own liveliest conversations. And so, we considered ourselves, indeed, to be specialists in this business of making sh*t up.

That seems to be the essence of independent production: a blend of vision, imagination, and gumption. You create something where there once was nothing. You've read about MQ2 in this column before. I come to it with a fresh lens and great excitement because this is what the Public Radio Makers Quest grantees are all about, with their DIY spirit invigorating public radio and birthing new forms in an emerging "public media."

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Calling all AIRsters to PRPD
September 15–18, 2009
Cleveland, OH

Join AIR and Third Coast in Cleveland at the PRPD where we're mashing up PDs and producers in new and we hope surprising ways. AIR members are entitled to PRPD member rates. There are other financial discounts to make it easier to get to Cleveland and get around town. Stay tuned to the AIRdaily for information on sessions. meet-ups, and on announcements for other ways to help offset the cost of travel.

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    Cool Tool: Very Short List

    Just when you thought e-mail was becoming unmanageable, you went and loaded on layers of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Are you out of your mind? The last thing you need is more e-mail or another time waster that has you spending even more hours gaga in front of your computer screen. But heck, its summertime and the livin' is easy, and that's just what we're giving you. Very Short List is not even a tool, but delivers up one "must-see gem a day" from the annals of entertainment and media, the brainchild of Studio 360 host Kurt Anderson and media mogul Barry Diller. It's how I first listened to The Walkmen and saw some of the first color photographs ever taken (1908–1930), and even linked through to an archive of misspelled tattoos. We dare you to subscribe.

    Sue Schardt

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