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Why does the conversation about diversifying public radio seem to just keep cycling around? AIR board member, AIR New Voice (2012) and New Voices captain (2013) Luis Perez urges public radio program directors to walk their talk:

... Some will declare: “I am a big fan of diversity. I champion all efforts. What more am I supposed to do?”

In my opinion, that is no more than being a fan. The difference between a fan and a player is that the fan doesn’t wear the uniform. If you wear a uniform on team “public service through media,” you’re either a field player or a bench player — a leader or a follower. Which one are you? If you aren’t sure, look at the players next to you and ask if their uniforms are completely unscathed.

After decades of little progress, it’s been long enough. It’s time to get off the bench. It’s time to take the uniform we all wear and run out onto the field together ... [READ MORE]

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West Coast, best coast? Five jobs if you think so

Jack Black screams "Oh, what do they teach in this place?!"1. Crushing poverty next to the happiest place on earth. Cover it all as a reporter in the O.C. (American Public Media)

2. Juneau what you need?* A job as statewide senior news editor and producer in the land of the midnight sun. (CPB's Jobline)

3. Sonoma? SoYESma.** But only if you have radio AND television chops. Associate producer wanted at North Bay Public Media. (CPB)

4. You: fluent in English, Spanish and probably Snapchat. Oregon Public Broadcasting needs a reporter to cover education in Portland. (Twitter's #pubjobs)

5. No kidding at all here: RadioActive is one of the most important programs in public media. They're hiring an AP to mentor young talent. GO! (KUOW)

*No apologies for the third week in a row.
**Puns will cease when we run out. So, never.

Medill funds energy/environment reporting 

Every month, AIR provides a list of upcoming deadlines for grants, fellowships and awards that fund and fuel creative talent.

We'll post a full list of September and October deadlines in the AIRdaily next week, but here's one to watch:

Social Justice News Nexus Fellowship
Sept. 15, 2016
Details: Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism offers $5,000 for to selected fellows who propose an in-depth piece of journalism about environmental and energy justice. 

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