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Western Exposure

Remember the television series Northern Exposure? (If not, it's worth a lookup.) Big city-centric doctor, against his will, winds up in a small, remote town in Alaska. The locals are, by turns, wary and welcoming. Complications ensue, but eventually, there is communication, respect, and understanding. As a bonus, there's a radio station at the center of it all. In this month's Spotlight, we shift the scenario to Colorado, the protagonist is a climate reporter, the catalyst is AIR's Localore initiative, and the radio station is, again, everyone's beacon.

Sam Schongalla,
AIRblast Publication Manager

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AIR Grows

Say hello to a fresh crop of members:

Aurora Almendral/Brooklyn, NY
Aylie Baker/Brooklyn, NY
Justin Banks/Brooklyn, NY
Desiree Bayonet/Bethesda, MD
Luisa Beck/Boston, MA
Sydney Beveridge/New York, NY
Emily Bishop/Seattle, WA
Richard Blair/Santa Barbara, CA
Nick Brunner/Sacramento, CA
Mary Dooe/Los Angeles, CA
Emily Gadek/Los Angeles, CA
Lauren Glapa/Indianapolis, IN
Judith Graham/Denver, CO
Daniel Gross/Boston, MA
Matthew Grothman/Berkeley, CA
Nicholas Gunner/Fredonia, NY
Angela Johnston/Los Altos, CA
Caitlyn Kim/New York, NY
Emma Miller/Washington, DC
Caroline O'Donovan/Chicago, IL
Samuel Schramski/Bloomington, IN
Bailey Smith/Oakland, CA
Elaisha Stokes/New York, NY
Carol Zall/Cambridge, MA

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Cool Tool: Words Count.

Piehole's Script Timer is a pretty nifty tool for timing your read speed, especially if you're new to vox tracking. First, you'll cut and paste your copy into a text box. Click their timer and read some of your script. Then copy and paste the rest of your text. It will give you an accurate estimate of timing for the whole script. Dare we say it? Easy as pie. — Erin Mishkin

A Science Journalist Hedges Her Bets in Paonia
A Localore Reporter’s Notebook
By Julia Kumari Drapkin

“You want me to go where?” is all I remember saying. It was Noland Walker from AIR calling. They were asking me to move to Paonia, Colorado, to produce iSeeChange, my Localore project about climate change. My fiancé and I Googled the town and looked at each other with knitted brows: One and a half hours to the closest airport; a population of fewer than 2,000; an 11-month stay? Absolutely not. “I signed up to help reinvent public media,” I thought, “not to be a one-woman media Peace Corps in a random rural radio station.”.

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Spotlight Archive


The Farmers' Almanac à la Localore. Crowd-sourced, climate change reporting from iSeeChange

To Do: 2013 Conference Calendar

Media That Matters Conference: Measure for Measure
February 14–15
Washington, DC

Are you wonderingHow to Love Your Story? Or perhaps you’re curious about Sustaining the Documentary Vision over Generations, or more button-down stuff like Strategizing Impact and Measuring Success in Multiplatform Projects. Details on these sessions, a roster of presenters, and registration details are here.

Integrated Media Conference (IMA)
March 6–7
Austin, TX

SXSW Interactive
Get Your Wheels On! Austin Music Map Bike Tour
March 8–12
Austin, TX

Austin Music Map's Delaney Hall, Zeega, and KUT lead an adventuresome bike tour of musical hotspots across the city — the Moose Lodge, Baby Blue Studio, the Victory Grill are on the route. No need to wait for March in Austin. Take a virtual tour of these joints and more by visiting the Map now. You’ll want to high-five interactive producer Zeega for this one!

National Conference for Media Reform
April 5–7
Denver, CO

National Federation of Community Broadcasters Conference (NFCB)
May 29–June 1
San Francisco, CA

Public Radio News Directors Conference (PRNDI)
June 18–22
Cleveland, OH

Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMCMC)
July 11–13
Atlanta, GA

National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association Conference
August 22–25
Boston, MA

Public Radio Program Directors Conference (PRPD)
September 9–12
Atlanta, GA

New Member Spotlight: Amy Cotler

Joined AIR: July 2012

Who? A Massachusetts-based veteran culinary professional and farm-to-table advocate, who's relatively new to radio production. Author and producer of The Locavore Way, a book, blog, and, most recently, a radio show, which has been broadcast on North Country Public Radio.

Beyond radio? Amy has taught at the Culinary Institute of America and developed hundreds of recipes for Joy of Cooking, in addition to writing a farm-to-school cookbook that was distributed to every school in Massachusetts.

Why AIR? “Ultimately, I need to learn to produce my short (two- to three-minute) local food series well, and if not, to bring on a producer. Mostly, I hope there will be unexpected consequences that come from networking with those at AIR. Collaboration? Who knows?” Welcome Amy to AIR.

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