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A Cue to Concerto

Conductor Katie Davis stands at the podium, baton raised. She's ready to shape your stories into a grand and beautiful symphony. And there's room for you in her orchestra. Would you like a seat onstage? Then step on up to the Spotlight.

Sam Schongalla,
AIRblast Publication Manager

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AIR is Talent

Cool Tool: Stitcher, Ready-Made Mobile App

With mobile audio growing in popularity, we know most producers don't have the resources to create a custom app of their own. Stitcher aggregates streams and archives from a broad range of media makers — from the biggies (NPR, Radiolab, TAL) to smaller podcasters and indie producers. Bonus points: They provide media creators in their stable with a range of in-depth metrics, including a number of downloads. Want to go further? Step one: Test drive their app. Step two: Learn more about their terms and how to submit your work. AIRsters, fill us all in on your experience on the AIRdaily! — Erin Mishkin


Our list of upcoming awards, fellowships, and grants deadlines is now provided as a "Members Only" service.

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AIR Grows

Say hello to a fresh crop of members:

Kimberly Adams/Cairo, Egypt
Shawn Allee/Chicago, IL
Barb Anguiano/Bloomington, IN
Dan Bobkoff/Chappaqua, NY
Marnie Crawford Samuelson/
  Jamaica Plain, MA
Tyson Dai/Brooklyn, NY
Brian DeShazor/Los Angeles, CA
Wendy Dorr/New York, NY
Eric Drachman/Los Angeles, CA
Amy Gastelum/Providence, RI
Julia Henderson/Portland, ME
Emily Hsiao/Torrance, CA
Chris Julin/Duluth, MN
Marion Kane/Toronto, ON
Rachel Kaub/Gallup, NM
Kerry Klein/Washington, DC
Dalia Mortada/Istanbul, Turkey
Alyssa Moxley/Chicago, IL
Amelia Post/Nashville, TN
Mary Samouelian/Cary, NC
John Sepulvado/Galway, Ireland
Veronica Simmonds/
  Halifax, Nova Scotia
Aingaran Sriskandarajah/
  Boston, MA
Lin Weaver/Davis, CA
Kerstin Zilm/Los Angeles, CA

We've Got Talent
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A Pitch to You
By Katie Davis, Senior Producer of AMP's The Story

When I first came across The Story two years ago, I couldn't believe there was a daily, national radio program with such an elegant mission. I remember thinking, we all have stories, but here's a show that actually asks to hear them. We tell our stories differently from city to city, from block to block, and across generations. The Story invites us to listen to these voices.

... People working outside of the networks and stations hear the world differently. They break rules and formats, and I want that element of surprise on The Story. I am writing to ask you, the independent community, to pitch to me.

Read On . . .

Spotlight Archive


The Kitchen Sisters, KQED, and AIR's Localore launch The Making Of . . . what people make in the Bay Area and why. Listen. (5:45)

To Do

AIR's Hindenburg Webinar

If you missed it, catch it on the rebound. AIRster Jeff Towne is our special guide as we unpack the mysteries of Hindenburg editing software.

PopTech 2012: Toward Resilience
October 17 – 20
Camden, ME

Get in under the wire on this eclectic mix of thinkers and tinkerers convening in Camden, Maine, for the 16th year in a row. This "celebration for the intellectually engaged" is good destination if you're interested in "networking about the future." Curious? More information is here.

Radio Unnameable
Screenings through Spring 2013
Various cities

This is a compelling documentary for those interested in the history of "listener engagement" and the heyday of WBAI, with new insights into some of the fundamentals of 1960 social revolution à la New York City grassroots media. It's the story of overnight host Bob Fass, OTA for 50 years, who — long before the advent of "social media" — used the airwaves to mobilize citizens in some extraordinary and unexpected ways. Among those featured is our own Larry Josephson, who credits Fass with giving him his own start on WBAI. Schedule and more information are here.

PRX's Global Story Project
Deadline: TODAY! Monday, October 15 at midnight ET

Want to help Americans better understand the rest of the world? Check this out. They're commissioning long-form audio-only works, segment-length pieces, and re-versioned materials about people and situations outside of the U.S. More here (and quick!).

New Member Spotlight: Eliza Ronalds-Hannon

Who? CUNY J-school grad with radio experience at The Brian Lehrer Show and APM's Marketplace. Eliza is currently a reporting fellow in Sarajevo, Bosnia, working for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). Her freelance work has been featured on Marketplace.

Why radio? "My first exposure to accessible financial news came from radio stories that covered both policy and practice, explaining complex rules or structures through relatable examples. Those disarming pieces softened me to more complex financial news, which I came to find fascinating and empowering; now, I want to be that gentle voice coaxing finance-phobes into the light."

Beyond radio: "Even before I became a reporter, I was figuring out ways to ask people about money. In a college Social Psych class, I designed an experiment tracking the reactions of students from varied socio-economic classes to questions about their family finances. Five years later, I was getting paid to ask strangers in Manhattan more or less the same thing, and I knew I was in the right place."

Why AIR? Eliza is looking to produce radio features in her free time in Sarajevo, and open to finding any outlets interested in stories from the Balkans. Get in touch with Eliza at elizarh(at)

Funding for AIR comes from our members and the generous support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), the Wyncote Foundation,, and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

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