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Where do we find the time, and solitude to do our work- you know, the stuff that we are actually paid to do?
Not in meetings, not in replying to the 150 emails the average person gets every day. Sadly, the answer for finding that space, more and more, seems to be not in the office. 
Knowing were to find that uninterrupted space when we can get into flow and really do our best work has become one of the 21st century tricks to success.
For a lot of people who travel, they more often say, "on a flight', although email has infringed on that private space as well. 
Wherever you get it done, it's more important that you have a method of getting into that mindset once you have the opportunity to do it.
Of course, fewer emails and meetings would help, but the system seems to work against that ever happening.
So, if wasted time is at meetings, work time is .... at home, Starbucks?
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