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Snake Oil 2.0


Every Wednesday from now on, we'll be sending you a high-res, work-related image for you to download, send to your boss and/or colleagues, to print out, hang up on the office wall, the bulletin board, around the watercooler etc [The usual CC licensing terms apply]. Y'know, a social object to start a conversation with.

All we ask in return is that you share the following link with as many people as you see fit, Thanks!: "Hello from Hugh".

This week's high-res download is called "Snake Oil". Enjoy!

[Download here]

Anyone who has spent a lot of time studying blogs and Web 2.0, will be fully aware of all the blethering hyperbole that comes with it. Every business model that ever came before is DEAD, to be replaced forever by community! YAY!

Well, some dinosaur business models may be more dead than others, however... life still goes on. People still need to make a buck. People are just as governed by the seven deadly sins as they ever were. Some things never change. All is still vanity.

I'm a great believer in Web 2.0 (It made my career, after all...). That being said, it's easy to get carried away. Best to keep one's sense of humor about it all.

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