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Thought leadership used to be about revolution.

Thought leadership had its own set of Fight Club rules: primarily, that one could not become a thought leader just to become a thought leader. Becoming a thought leader was a natural extension of pursuing knowledge, growth, and innovation.

Thought leader’ wasn’t a title you could give yourself. You couldn’t be in it for the ego. You were in it for the resistance, for the passion. To be a thought leader was to be a changemaker.

The great American poet Kenneth Koch, in a poem called The Boiling Water, writes:

    Seriousness, how often I have
    thought of seriousness
    And how little I have understood
    it, except this: serious is urgent
    And it has to do with change.

There is no impact without change. There is nothing serious, nothing committed, without a need for change, now, urgently and meaningfully.

Serious, committed thought leadership can only be a function of change.

Recognizing Awesomeness!

This week we were honored to sponsor the second University of Miami Toppel Awards Program, the program recognizes the accomplishments of students, student organizations, faculty, staff and employers.

Career Centers (like Toppel) are a magical place where a special kind of alchemy occurs: on campus learning transforms into real world employment. Real guidance at this pivotal moment in a student's life can set them on the right trajectory and create the best orientation towards the world of work, ultimately informing the way they look at work for the rest of their lives.

Toppel Career Center Associate Dean & Executive Director Christian Garcia wanted to present awards that meant something and spoke to what the winner was being acknowledged for.

Rather than giving out plaques or trophies to the winners, Christian selected individual pieces from our collection, which we transformed into 8 x 10 metal art awards that can be hung or placed on a desk. These art awards now serve as a conversation piece, they stand out among other accolades and truly mean something to the recipient. The messaging reminds them to keep doing amazing things.

Photo 1: Christian Garcia, Kathleen Cymbal & Patricia Toppel
Photo 2: Ann Helmers & Kathleen Cymbal - Toppel award recipients
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