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Why does most innovation happen in cities?

Because that’s where most collaboration between people gets done.

Cities are collaboration engines.

Lone geniuses, although a great romantic tradition, are mostly a myth. Even the most individualistic of creative souls will surround him or herself with similarly or even more talented, and industrious people, in order to make stuff happen.

This is basically the gist of Walter Issacson’s book, “The Innovators”.

So, get out and let the city you live in inspire you to innovate! 

Massively Increase Collaboration... Forever

Collaboration is easy when it's with your computer, it's much harder when it's with your co-workers ;)

The human capacity to build on each other's ideas is the new killer app. Real creativity, or as business likes to call it "innovation", is about doing just that.

We all need something to help break through the roadblocks of our own humanity. To work together better. More collaboratively. 

We wanted to share one of our cheats for driving innovation. We take a floor, area, or conference room and install specially selected artwork that we've proven to drive innovative thinking. They make meetings more productive, drive collaboration and communication. Here is a collection of images we've used over and over again, that guarantee (in hard ROI) a more collaborative environment. 

Jessica Higgins, Gapingvoid Culture Design Group

For pricing for the whole collection or to find out more information, contact us

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