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This Fast Company article about the things Facebook, IDEO and Virgin America have in common actually reveals some of the secret code of the most successful organizations.

Namely, it turns out all three care intensely about their company's environment.

The truth is that, if you look at any culture-centric business, you will see that they have environments which support their cultures. All of them.

They understand that work environment impacts behavior, efficiency, and key outcomes like communication, collaboration and innovation.

Physical spaces are an undervalued way to manage and inspire your people, and it can all be measured and tied back to ROI.

Sure there is the ego thing with having a beautiful work environment, but that is just the icing. The cake is the impact that it has on the actual work, on the part where the rubber meets the road.

Here are some numbers from our recent healthcare study.


transform your work space with meaning, purpose & inspiration

People become the ideas that surround them.
As a tactic to create change at a collective level, the use of art is as old as civilization itself. Cathedrals, monuments, statues and frescoes, all designed to remind people of deeply held beliefs.

We tap into that power when we create compelling, emotional office environments.

We call them “Immersive Spaces”.

They can be offices, conference rooms, hospitals, or even entire buildings.

Taking a page from the ancients, they are carefully curated and 
designed to connect people emotionally to their work;  
designed to affect real, immediate change.
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