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"Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last."
- William Samuel Johnson

Curiosity used to be thought of as a pretty innocuous thing. Whether you were or weren't, wasn't a significant issue. In the pre-internet era, being curious was also a pretty taxing thing. Information wasn't free or readily available. Scratching the itch required a trip to the library or the bookstore, courthouse, etc. 

With all of mankind's information available at your fingertips, almost anything is knowable. It is something that we have quickly taken for granted. So, being that we are now able to feed our curiosity at any time and in any amount, what is it all for? 

We did a project a while ago for a major telecom who had an engagement problem with learning and development. People just weren't signing up for courses, etc. We solved the problem pretty simply by creating an approach to stoke people's curiosity. To understand what folks wanted to know, and simply scratching the itch of those who were the curious sort. It led to a three-fold increase in engagement.

One of our beliefs is that curiosity is an essential human quality. It's really a mindset of people who want to do great work, and have an impact. There are lots of studies, and this HBR article says it pretty plainly. Your Curiosity Quotient (CQ) is more important than IQ.

Curiosity isn't cute and gratuitous if you want your organization to scale, you must stimulate the collective CQ.

Igniting The Future Of Work
"Empower-Connect-Ignite" 40x90 custom artwork - Toppel Career Center @ University of Miami
We know most people struggle to be happy and truly satisfied at work, we look at Career Centers as places where we are challenged to get kids off on the right trajectory and create the best orientation towards the world of work, as it can inform the way they look at work for the rest of their lives.

Career Centers are where the theory of higher education meets the reality of the marketplace. No one is quite ready, everyone is on edge and sometimes when the rubber meets the road, things can be bumpy. We view career centers as the first step on the path to self actualization through work.
Culture Wall @ Toppel Career Center, University of Miami
Imagine if you could communicate to the world what really matters in a way that is totally immersive, and so impressive and memorable, that your career center, business or University became the talk of the community?

That’s what we do everyday. One of our largest projects is at the University of Miami’s Toppel Career Center with over 120 curated pieces of artwork. Our critically-acclaimed art is specifically designed to inject employers, students, faculty and donors with a positive dose of belief, connection, excitement and perhaps most importantly, possibility.
We guarantee transformative results. Let’s talk about how we can work on collecting data from your community that we can convert into a meaningful space that that will transform your work - not just once, but every day. 

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