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"Empowerment' is a loaded word. Who is really empowered, and to do what?
We all have a role to fulfill, but the question is are we allowed to do our best work? Are we encouraged to connect to doing what it takes to be as effective as possible, and most importantly, are you inspired to do it, to do whatever it takes?
Contribution doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I know it’s easy to feel insignificant inside the bowels of a big corporation, but if you are good at your job, then you are making change in some way. To separate the two is impossible.
So, empowerment is a two way street. Do you have permission, and if you do, are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Something to think about.


business gifts with meaning

Just Released
"Information - Knowledge"
acrylic award 6 x 4 x 3/4"
Why is it so hard to pick gifts for clients & employees?

It should be easy to find an object that says "Thank You" and actually has true meaning. Simple right?
 Apparently not, according to most people.
Here’s our idea: Why not give something that is a 365/24/7 reminder of the care and gratitude that you really feel? Our art gets noticed, talked about and will remind the people close to you... simply that you care. 

So this year, give a gift that will actually matter to people and genuinely touch them, every day.
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