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We all know that nothing happens until something gets sold. Nothing. No one gets paid. Nothing gets produced. No sales means everything eventually grinds to a halt.

For most businesses, ANYTHING you can do to motivate the sales folks is a godsend - and let's face it, even if (especially if!) you are a sales team of one, every extra contact, call, email or letter adds up to more success over time.

You could pay zillions to have Brian Tracy or Zig Ziglar show up and give a talk... or you can invest as little as a hundred dollars to have Hugh on your wall every day, reminding you to push onward and upward. To remember that selling is about helping people, and that is precisely why you should never take 'No' for an answer.
For you folks who run sales organizations or need something to put up over the kitchen table, here is a curated selection of 12 images that will help 'deliver the goods' everyday. You can buy one print, all twelve at once, or subscribe to get one a month for a year.

Either way, this is the stuff that will remind everyone that they are the bad-ass closers that they are.

Always Be Closing!

Details on the offer:

Individual prints are normally
priced ($125 each).
Use the Code 12PACK to buy all 12 images for $1,000 (a $500 discount) and get a 13th print FREE! We're also trying something new: Use the code SUBS to SUBSCRIBE to the series for $75 a month and get 1 print a every month for a year.
Email here for a custom commission.


Great art for great salespeople

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