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Here’s the first question a young person is going to ask you after finishing the copy of Seth Godin's Linchpin than you lent him/her:

“Why be a linchpin? Why subject yourself to a life of endless hardship, painfully steep learning curves and potential heartbreak, again and again? Surely there must be an easier path?”

To which you reply, "no, there isn’t, actually."

Then you tell him/her, you have to decide to be a linchpin, and often, it decides for you.
You didn’t wake up one day and discover you were a linchpin, you were born that way already.
Like our friend Seth, you came out of the womb wired differently, somehow. Wired to be unsatisfied, wired to not fit in the conventional manner... yet, wired to make things better, wired to affect change.

Reading Linchpin isn’t going to make being a linchpin any easier. All it can do is make you feel that, eh, you’re not alone. That you can do it.

 And that it is so worth it.

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