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In Memoriam - Steve Jobs
In Memoriam
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I remember the first time I saw the TV Ad
It changed my life.

It was the first commercial I'd ever seen in my life, that actually spoke to me, my true self, and not just to (like pretty much every single other commercial out there), whatever short-term, trivial needs I had going on that day.

It was then I knew that I wasn't just one of the crazy ones, but that it was also IMPERATIVE to actually be one of the crazy ones. That my life and soul demanded it.

It's not what Steve Jobs created in his his brief but incandescent life- the computers, iPods, iPhones etc etc- that isn't the big story.

And what we created with his his products, that isn't the big story, either.

The big story is what Steve helped us believe about ourselves. By putting his balls on the line, again and again, he made it easier for us to do the same.

And so we did.

Thank you, Steve. You will be missed. Of course you frickin' will...
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