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"I'm not passive aggressive, I'm decaffeinated."

Energy, passion, enthusiasm… these are the things that often drive one's creativity.   
They are also the things we can share to help inspire and drive the creativity in others.

When we share an idea we yearn for it to be met with one or all of the above.  We want our audience of one or many to respond to our work with energy… with passion… with enthusiasm.  When they don't, we take it as commentary, or worse, as criticism.  But sometimes their less than amazing reaction has nothing to do with us, or our stuff.  Sometimes your audience is just too tired, or just too distracted by their own stuff to give you what you want.  They're not being mean, or trying to cut you down with their silence.  Their cup is just too full at the moment to make room for you.

What's in your cup?

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