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Forget the bubble, remember the fishbowl.

Tech blogs lately are all about the bubble debate.  Are we in a bubble?  What constitutes a bubble?  Is this the same as the last bubble? Blah, blah, bubble, blah. What's perhaps more interesting that being in or out of a bubble is being in or out of the fishbowl.  Not too long ago tech blogging seemed stuck in a fishbowl.  All you heard about were the same five or six companies. The fishbowl was pretty small.

Now, at least the so-called bubble is growing the fishbowl.  Now we hear about awesome Kickstarter projects and amazing apps and really interesting startups.  Sure, the big fish are still in the news, but it is good to see the fishbowl growing into an aquarium, filled with many interesting tech creatures.  As for the bubble...


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