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Back when I was a sixteen year old, keeping myself amused was probably my hardest occupation.

The Internet hadn’t been invented yet, nor had I discovered my artistic and entrepreneurial streaks.

All I had, really, was studying for exams, chasing girls, hanging out with my friends, and listening to records.

Then I got my first paid job. I was the happiest guy in town, and I stayed that way for a long time.

My conclusion, looking back decades later? That fighting boredom is one of most important occupations. And work is the best way to do that, much better than play, by far.

Because with work, the only way to keep it interesting is to keep on taking it to new levels.

What works when you’re twenty won’t work when you’re forty. It’s a trap a lot of successful celebrities and rock musicians fall into.

Not to mention, cartoonists…

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