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When you love something, it’s far easier to work hard on it, stay late, go the extra mile.

When you love somebody, it’s far easier to work hard to make the relationship happen, make the relationship last.

When you love an idea, it’s far easier to sell it to others.

The trouble starts when the love isn’t there.

The trouble starts when you start faking it.

When your only motivation is physical, not spiritual.

Finding love in our work and our relationships is our greatest task on this earth. If you haven’t found it yet, above all keep looking. It really is the only reason we have to be here.


ignite leaders in your workplace 

Here's the thing about leading people, you need to have the tools to spread the vision you want your people to adopt. When you think about the usual tools, they are generally transient, often ignored and almost always viewed with some skepticism. What we propose is environmental. Surround your people with the ideas you want them to adopt, and magical things will happen. These tools work 24/7/365, whether you are there or not. 

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