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A grain of sand on the beach, or a bottle on a wall is demonstrative of the same challenge: How do you de-commodify what you do.

The Western world is fortunate to live in relative abundance, so much so that there is an over supply of most things.

No better example of this is a trip to the wine store. The choice is overwhelming, and incomprehensible to the average shopper. Wine people rejoice in extreme choice, the fringe, discovering the next unknown winery and putting it on the shelf. The problem is that the ever expanding range creates mind numbing complexity and confusion for the average wine lover.

Whether you are selling wine or accounting services, you need to ask yourself: Why do you do what you do, and what makes your _________ different from the next guys'? Your customers have lots of choices, too many in fact, and unless you are giving them a real reason to do business with you that differentiates what you do in a meaningful way, you're toast.

Hundreds of bottles of wine on the wall, and nearly all, just a commodity.

BTW, to all Hugh's fans out there, unbeknownst to him, it appears that this image appears to have made its way onto this wine label. If anyone knows these guys, please let them know that they should give us the courtesy of a call. They can drop us an email to

Feel free to click here to download the high-rez version, print it out and hang on the wall of your office, or keep it a screensaver for your desktop etc etc.

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