New contests, winners announced and more
This month we have contests running on ThemeForest, VideoHive, AudioJungle and GraphicRiver! There are four new events to tell you about, totaling a massive $29,000 in cash prizes! We also have a number of winners to announce plus a few exclusive author opportunities and if you've not seen our New Landing Page its worth a bookmark!
$10,000: Micro Niche Themes
Time to get your thinking caps on as there's a whopping $10,000 in cash prizes for the best Micro Niche Themes on ThemeForest. This contest is open to all WordPress & CMS categories. Contest ends 28th October.
$5,000: Game Assets
As part of the new Game Assets category launch on GraphicRiver we’ve put $5,000 up for grabs for the best Game Assets. So if this is your area of expertise it's a great opportunity to lead in this area of growth. Contest ends 8th October.
$4,000: Explainer Video Templates
This week we launched a new Most Wanted on VideoHive for a very unique item type which has seen tremendous growth recently, so we thought we’d offer up $4,000 in cash prizes for the authors who can submit the best Explainer Video Templates. Contest ends 28th October.
$4,000: Trailer Music
Recently launched on AudioJungle, we are looking for the best Trailer Music and we’ve put up $4,000 to find it! To make things interesting the AudioJungle community will be voting on the winners for this. Contest ends 7th October.
$6,000: Video Players
We're now in the final few weeks of Video Players Most Wanted on CodeCanyon. There are still prizes to win with 6 chances to pick up cash prizes for winning in a best category. Contest ends 10th September.
Exclusive Author Opportunities
Work Directly With Us.
We’re looking for Exclusive authors interested in creating/selling the following: Moodle Themes, Webhook Themes, AngularJS Themes, Mura Themes, iThemes Exchange Themes and NodeJS Modules.  If you are interested in these opportunities (and yes, we offer you a financial incentive), We’d Really Like To Hear From You.
Latest Winners
Directory & Listing Themes Winners
Many congratulations to the authors who won prizes in our Directory & Listing WordPress Themes event. Check out the winners.
HTML5 Game Winners
We’ve announced the winners of the very popular & competitive HTML5 Games Most Wanted event. Thanks to all the authors in taking part and congratulations those who picked up a prize!
Non-Profit Site Templates Winners
The winners have been chosen in the Non-Profit Site Templates Most Wanted. You can now see who picked up the Grand prize as well as the winners for Best Political, Charity, Environmental, Church, Activism and “Other” Non-Profit Templates. Thanks to everyone who took part and many congratulations to the  winning authors!
Trailer Winners
Last month we ran a Movie Trailers Most Wanted on VideoHive. With over 100 entries it’s been tough deciding which of the many talented authors submitting amazing work should win. We can now reveal who the well deserved authors are. Thanks to everyone for taking part and congratulations to our Trailer Winners.
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