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Envato’s $10K Affiliate Competition Results

Envato launched its first ever Global Affiliate Competition to celebrate the program's success and congratulate Envato Affiliates on earning over $3 Million annually.

The competition ran from October 15th to November 15th (2015) and we saw affiliate earnings increase by approx 10%. Most of you experienced significantly higher performance improvements.

Envato would like to congratulate its top three affiliate competition winners who generated the highest number of customer deposits! They share in the $10,000 prize money.

Affiliate Competition

Really, everyone who increased their earnings are winners.

It was a tight race with many surprises. While European affiliates claimed the top 2 positions, Asia did exceptionally well and filled out the remaining podium place. Also, new affiliates featured in the top 1%

Along the way, you all have provided excellent feedback, and we thank you very much and assure you we are acting on many of your ideas, including:

To introduce a more flexible and transparent affiliate platform.

Helping you to stay on trend with blogging ideas, themes and content.

Coupons are on the radar and we’re researching how they can be integrated.

Continue to celebrate success with more competitions & great prizes.

Our next competition will run from December 1 to December 31, 2015. The prize money will jump to a massive $15,000. This competition has something for every affiliate, so stay tuned for more information in our next update in the last week of November.

We thank all Envato Affiliates for their involvement in the competition, growing with us and sharing your ideas for future improvements.

In the meantime, here is a link to our 5 star collections of packed with the highest quality items

Onwards and upwards.

Antony Darvill | Business Development Associate