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Tuts+ Instructor Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the Tuts+ Instructor Newsletter! This is typically a busy time of year for us; the summer's over, students are heading back to school and we always see growth in Tuts+ activity.

In this month's newsletter we spotlight one of our regular Design & Illustration instructors, Matthew Guay imparts some useful writing advice, we run though some developments to the Tuts+ CMS, request some specific tutorial content, and the cherry on the cake (your Instructor Bonus) comes from our friends at Squarespace.

Instructor Spotlight: Monika Zagrobelna

Monika Zagrobelna has been writing for Tuts+ for two years and since then has proven to be an asset in the Design & Illustration team. Last year we brought more focus to drawing tutorials and Monika stepped up and took on the challenge to teach our community how to draw animals and solid drawing theory. Helping you understand the whys and hows like no other. She then kicked it up a notch by including her own animated gifs to further help illustrate what she's teaching.

Always engaging with our community, Monika's knowledge and passion is why she's a staple in the Design & Illustration section.

What's Happening at Tuts+

A 14 Day Free Trial

This month we've introduced a new free trial for people wanting to buy a Tuts+ Subscription. Readers can now try our courses for two weeks, before deciding whether to continue with their subscription. This should mean that more people than ever are watching and enjoying your courses!

Keyboard Shortcuts

We've also added some lovely new keyboard shortcuts to the CMS, which should make entering your content quicker and easier (if you're a fan of keyboard shortcuts!). Just click the little keyboard icon in the CMS, to see a full list of shortcuts you can use:


Thank You!

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who took part in our recent instructor survey. We've collected some absolutely fantastic ideas from our instructors, and we'll be putting lots of them in place over the coming months. More to come in the next newsletter!

Instructor Workflow Tip

By Matthew Guay

There’s nothing more difficult to write than a great intro or ending. So, if you can’t figure out what to say at first, don’t sweat it. As long as you know the main focus of your tutorial, go ahead and write the body of your tutorial first rather than getting hung up on how to start out the tutorial. You’ll likely know exactly how you should start out and wrap it up by the time you’ve written the rest of the tutorial.

If anything, your intro will be better than it could have been if you wrote it first, since you’ll know for sure what the rest of the piece says.


We're looking for tutorials and courses on a few specific subjects. If any of these interest you, get in touch with your friendly editor!

Instructor Bonus!

As a thank you for being part of Tuts+, we've partnered with Squarespace to offer you a free trial and 10% off! Just head on over to the Squarespace website and enter the code below (offer available to new customer accounts only):


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