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The Last Ever Official Voxgate

Official Voxgates tend to be a bit of an event, and for this last one we decided to go out with a bang! Don't miss the Last Ever Official Voxgate, in the afternoon of 11th April 2010 before the Hammersmith Ultravox show, with The Messengers - Danny Mitchell and Colin King - and Party Fears Three live. What's more, Warren Cann has indicated that he 'might attend', subject to soundcheck commitments - so you may just see a member of Ultravox there too!


Tickets are still available - for full info go to or straight to booking at Tickets are £9 in advance or £12 on the door and the Voxgate finishes in plenty of time to reach the Hammersmith Apollo. See you there!


The last ever Official Voxgate with The Messengers and Party Fears Three

Ultravox Roundhouse Live release & exclusive art print Ultravox Live at The Roundhouse

The long-awaited 2009 live album, Ultravox Live at The Roundhouse, will be released on 5th April 2010 in two formats: a DVD+2CD Special Edition containing the full 18-track show in both audio and video, plus a 39-minute 'Building Eden' reformation documentary, and a 13-track Highlights CD (audio only).


To celebrate its release, Townsend Records are giving away a limited amount of exclusive A4 'Return to Eden' Art Prints - one print per order.


How do I get it?

Order through this link to receive the print.



Townsend are cheaper than Amazon, EIL or Play, at £14.99 for the Special Edition 2CD+DVD set and £9.99 for the Highlights CD. Their UK and overseas postage rates are very reasonable.


Track listing, Special Edition:
All live at The Roundhouse 30th April 2009 except the reformation documentary.


  1. Astradyne
  2. Passing Strangers
  3. We Stand Alone)
  4. Mr X
  5. Visions in Blue
  6. The Thin Wall
  7. I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)
  8. Rage in Eden
  9. Lament


  1. One Small Day
  2. All Stood Still
  3. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again)
  4. Vienna
  5. Reap the Wild Wind
  6. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
  7. Hymn
  8. Sleepwalk
  9. The Voice


  1. Astradyne
  2. Passing Strangers
  3. We Stand Alone
  4. Mr. X
  5. Visions in Blue
  6. The Thin Wall
  7. I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)
  8. Rage in Eden
  9. Lament
  10. One Small Day
  11. All Stood Still
  12. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again)
  13. Vienna
  14. Reap the Wild Wind
  15. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
  16. Hymn
  17. Sleepwalk
  18. The Voice
  19. Building Eden Reformation Documentary

Track listing, Highlights CD:

  1. Astradyne
  2. Passing Strangers
  3. Mr. X
  4. The Thin Wall
  5. I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)
  6. Rage in Eden
  7. Lament
  8. One Small Day
  9. Vienna
  10. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
  11. Hymn
  12. Sleepwalk
  13. The Voice

Vienna For UK No.1 Campaign

A 2010 FaceBook campaign to see Ultravox finally get a UK no.1 with 'Vienna' is gaining momentum, almost thirty years on from the time that it was held off the top spot by both John Lennon and Joe Dolce.


The campaign's founder Martin Slade isn't particularly an Ultravox fan; he became interested in how the two songs seemed to be forever remembered together and felt that there might be a chance to remedy this.


Martin started the FaceBook group in June 2009 and originally planned to aim the campaign for 2011, 30 years since the single was released - but following Rage Against the Machine's successful campaign in December 2009, thought it best to surf that momentum and move it up to 2010. Interestingly, Joe Dolce himself has launched a rival campaign in a bid to repeat history...


The FaceBook group urges fans to purchase and download the Vienna single from any legal UK-based source such as Amazon, iTunes, Play, HMV etc.


Download links for SUN 28th MARCH to SAT 3rd APRIL ONLY: - 69p
Play - 70p
iTunes - 79p (track 3, Single Version)
HMV - 99p (track 9, Single Version)


Overseas fans can join in by going to - this is how Rage Against the Machine fans outside the UK made their purchases count towards the UK chart.

  • Install and run the player (select UK for all the options)
  • Set up an account (again select UK if asked for location)
  • Put some credit in the account
  • Start downloading

DON'T DOWNLOAD IT YET! To count for the chart on Sun 4th April you need to buy between Sun 28th March and Sat 3rd April. Join in the fun to help make this happen...


Join the main FaceBook hub page:
Let's get Vienna by Ultravox to No.1 on 4th April!


Campaign YouTube channels, including STV and BBC Radio coverage:


Press contact:
Martin Slade, founder of FaceBook group
07874 078 394

Midge Ure 'If I Was' autobiography new chapter

Midge's autobiography 'If I Was' is being re-released on August 31st 2010, apparently with another new chapter. We imagine this will be about Ultravox's reformation and the Return to Eden tour - so if we're right, it should be well worth grabbing again!


Pre-order from Amazon for £8.09

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