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November 17, 2016

A Special Message from Pastor Mark
Noticing, Praying, Listening, Asking Good Questions, Loving, Welcoming, Facilitating, Serving Together, Sharing... these are The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversation as described and outlined by an organization called Q place.  These 'arts' are helpful and necessary for any conversation to happen well.       

I have watched, as you have, a contentious election cycle filled with lots of divisiveness as large people groups are labeled and bullied through condescending name calling on the part of our candidates.  The name calling and finger pointing has reached a feverish pitch.  Unfortunately, zealous followers of candidates tend to join in from time to time.  It's embarrassing, disgusting, and certainly doesn't speak well from the lips of followers of Christ.  I am deeply grieved and very frustrated by what I see and hear.            

The labeling of people groups in disparaging ways whether by race, sex, or political party is sinful and wrong.  Its common sense truth that these caricatures are never true for a whole race, sex, people group, demographic or political party. This kind of divisive language and thinking breeds and leads to the justification of violence and further separation/alienation.  Self righteousness quickly turns anger to violence and hatred.  It leads to the sin of thinking that people 'deserve it.'  I've observed a powerful irony show itself in the responses of people to this contentious election, whether gloating or 'lording' the victory over another (sinful) or refusing to accept the results of a democratic election.  The irony?  These responses reflect the very things we critique and despise in the other.  And round and round it goes.  It doesn't matter whether it's belittling and insulting others, or the attitudes and actions of white supremacists, or angry protesters destroying property and holding signs that encourage murder or rape - it all comes from the same well of hell.    

I am grieved over the lack of respect and humility of one to another.  God calls us to a better way.  Biblical truth and common sense calls us to model respect and give dignity one to another.  It's high time we get back to the Arts of Spiritual Conversation.  It seems that the root of all this 'evil' is we have stopped being curious.  We have stopped listening to each other.  We have traded the image of God in people for demonizing labels.  So before we do anything in response to this election, each of us needs to first look in the mirror, ask for forgiveness for our own judgements and labeling of people groups, put aside hate, ask for mercy, and get on our knees and pray for one another, our country and its leadership.  This election gave us complicated choices with a myriad of issues, stances, platforms, and character flaws to consider.  So lets not be part of the negative culture that likes to lump people together unfairly, especially when we have not openly considered another's thoughts, passions, and convictions.             

It's easy to hold a sign in protest.  It's easy to gloat over an election victory... the hard call of God is to love our neighbor.  The hard work of building relationship bridges is to approach one another with humility and be curious as to who one another is, a complex web of beliefs, convictions, doubts, and experiences.  Let's approach one another with more mystery and respect.  Let's put into practice the Arts of Spiritual Conversation.  I believe the church is the hope of the world - it begins with us, not our politicians.  Hesed (the loving kindness and mercy of God) is what will lead us forward post election.  Not hateful or divisive language, labeling, or violence.  I found some common sense wisdom in an unexpected place this week in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5: Paul is writing the church and gives a laundry list of practical ways we are to live into as he closes the book (following are some phrases from verses 13-28): Hold those who work hard for you in high regard (leaders).  Live in peace with one another.  Warn the idle.  Encourage the disheartened.  Help the weak.  Be patient with everyone.  Do not pay wrong with wrong.  Strive to do good one to another.  Rejoice always.  Pray continually.  Give thanks in all circumstances.  This is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  Do not quench the Spirit.  Hold on to what is good.  Reject every kind of evil.  May the God of peace sanctify you through and through.  May your whole spirit, soul, and body, be kept blameless.  God is faithful - and he will do it!  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.  

I would like to quote a friend of ours from our days living in Pittsburgh, PA, who has lived the life of an African American in our day and culture, a follower of Jesus: "Our current cultural divide needs a courageous church infused with the vision and power of an enthroned Jesus, the one for whom and by whom all things have been made.  When we draw our identity from the one on the throne, we can hold space for differing perspectives; we can hear each other's pain; we can find healing in the community that is in communion with the King.  He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making all things new!" (Rev. 21:5)  Jesus is on the throne.  He's hard at work bringing renewal to our broken systems and broken hearts.  May the church find the strength to live boldly into this truth, for the healing of our country and the sake of the Gospel.  

Now is the time for each of us to say, 'less of me' and more noticing, praying, listening, asking questions, loving, welcoming, facilitating, serving together, and sharing.  It begins with our worship of Jesus, with you and me, and our neighbors.  Lets lead by example in these things and give our world a taste of 'salt and light.'  Instead of more of the same.  Lets move from 'status quo' to 'status grow' to 'status go' when it comes to loving our neighbors.      

In these things I find some hope and strength.

Sunday we welcome Doug Kennedy in bringing our message.  Thanks Doug!  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone a week early - Deone and I are off to see our girls! 

Pastor Mark   


Sunday, November 20: Hymn Sunday and Guest Speaker: Pastor Doug Kennedy
Pastor Doug Kennedy will speak from his message entitled:
The Grace of God, taken from Luke 23: 32-43

Message Schedule for Fall, 2016 
11/20         Guest Speaker: Pastor Doug Kennedy: The Grace Of God     Luke 23:32-43
11/27         Advent 1: A Bloodline of Grace: Tamar                      Genesis 38,   Matthew 1
12/4           Advent 2: A Bloodline of Grace: Rahab                     Joshua 2-6,   Matthew 1

12/13         Advent 3: A Bloodline of Grace: Bathsheba              2 Samuel 11, Matthew 1

Download Schedule for Fall, 2016
Digging Deeper
11/20         Message Reflection       Pastor Doug Kennedy
11/27         Message Reflection       Pastor Mark Quist
12/4           Message Reflection       Pastor Mark Quist
12/13         Message Reflection       Pastor Mark Quist

Financial Update
The Crestview deacons are thankful for the faithful giving of our members.  If you have any questions about Crestview’s budget or giving, please contact a deacon.

Baked Goods for BOHO
Last week, Community Dwellers baked pies for BOHO Residents and all young kids participated in cookie decorating for BOHO. It was a success!

Operation Christmas Child - 11/20
All donations are due this Sunday, 11/20. Here is a list of items needed. We also welcome cash (in envelope) or check donations (made out to Crestview Church) please include a memo "Childrens Fund, OCC." Each box we pack and drop off will include a $7 shipping fee. All youth are welcome to come to the Sunday School room after service to pack & wrap a shoe box with items we have!

Save The Date   
Sun, 11/20    Hymn Sunday, Guest Speaker: Pastor Doug Kennedy
Sun, 11/20    Shoe Box Packing Party: Operation Christmas Child

Sat,  11/26    Church Decorating for the Advent Season, 9 - noon
Sun, 11/27    Christmas Choir Rehearsal begins
Sat,  12/10    Hike to the Star! Meet at Crestview, 6 pm
The, 12/18    Choir Service, 9:30 am

Crestview events can also be viewed on the church Calendar

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