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Repairs, Repairs, and more... REVIVAL!

We have had our share of repairs this spring on the truck and trailer. We had engine repairs on the truck, cosmetic repairs to the trailer and brake repairs. On one trip to central Pennsylvania our trailer brakes had a short which caused all six brakes not to function. Now brakes are important, but they are especially important in the steep hills of Pennsylvania. Some men in the church traveled an hour one way to help us to make it to the church late Saturday evening. A few days later we were able to get a new drum and brake assembly for a couple of wheels before we headed back down the 12% grade from the church!

Oftentimes we can get used to something that is broken and simply become accustomed to it not functioning properly. We ignore it, adjust our lifestyle or even expectations and live in the broken condition as if it were normal. We just accept it as being the ways things are. This is how many churches and individual Christians are living their lives: subnormal from of what God intended. They do not experience nor expect victory. They do not witness nor do they expect people to be saved. They are in need of repair.

Did you know that revival repairs that which is broken? Revival repairs us to function the way God intended. We need revival to function with God's supernatural strength to accomplish His work. We need to be repaired just as Josiah “repaired the house of the Lord his God” in 2 Chronicles 34:8. In doing so, the priests “found a book of the law of the Lord” which they read and then realized they were not living the way they should. They needed spiritual repair. Josiah’s reign was one of revival and repair.

Highlights of people being saved

This young man did not know if he believed if there was a God before the service. After the service he placed his faith in God’s Son to save his soul. The relief and immediate joy was evident as he continually thanked me for sharing the Bible with him.
This young boy rode the bus every night to the revival services. On the final night he trusted Christ with tears.
This lady beside my wife recognized her need for Christ on Sunday morning but did not respond in the invitation. She came back a couple of nights and God intervened and changed my message to fit His plan. On that night she came in the invitation and the pastor’s wife was privileged to lead her to Christ.
The man in the middle is an Amish man who was one of four people who accepted Christ as Savior in Kendallville, IN!
The man next to me came and trusted Christ as Savior as a result of his adult children being saved just a few months before. We had two parents of adult children get saved that night!
This gentleman was in conversation with a church member who was telling him about the topics of the messages he was hearing at the reival meetings. He was going through some rough times and listened intently. The gentleman then asked what time the service was, and said, “I am coming!” He came and trusted Christ! The same church member was able to deal with him in the invitation. 
There were others that were saved in other meetings but failed to get a picture. Many of them were saved as a result of a personal invitations from a revived church member. When we are repaired to God’s working order, He can use us to see the power of the gospel demonstrated through our lives.

Prayers are needed for our busy summer

  • June 3-10 - Michigan Regional Revival Conferences
    • These conferences are a continuation of what God did last year. Dr. Rick Flanders has been used of God to take a leadership role in these important meetings. It has been evident that God has met with us and already done some amazing things with souls saved and churches impacted. I will write more details about these conferences in our next newsletter.
  • June 11-August 3 - Bill Rice Ranch Summer Camps
    • We are privileged to be a part of the summer camps of the Bill Rice Ranch again this summer. We are praying for many young people to be saved and lives changed during these weeks.
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