Blessed Assurance

In Ecuador, November 2nd is a national holiday called Día de los Difuntos (All Souls’ Day). Many people believe it is possible to communicate with their deceased loved ones on this day. They visit the cemeteries and take food for these deceased loved ones. Two special foods are associated with this holiday: colada morada is a purple drink that symbolizes the grief and blood of the deceased; guaguas de pan are bread figurines in the shape of babies, decorated with colorful toppings and filled with different types of sweet fillings. For more information about how this holiday is celebrated in Ecuador, <click here> (English) or <click here> (Spanish).
What a blessing to have the assurance of eternal life and of being reunited with our deceased loved ones who have trusted Christ as their Savior (1 John 5:9-13)! It burdens our heart to think that less than 1% of the people in the province of Loja understand this blessed assurance, which can only be experienced through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray that God would draw the people there to Himself and give His children wisdom from above as they share this good news with those who do not yet know Him.
Our hearts are longing to begin the ministry God has called us to in Loja, Ecuador. It encourages our heart to see how God is raising up the team of ministry partners we need to make this ministry possible. At this point, we have over 90% of our required one-time support. Please pray with us for provision of the remaining 50% of the monthly support we need in order to leave for Ecuador.

If you haven't yet done so, would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to see lives transformed by the power of the gospel in the "Forgotten Province" of Loja, Ecuador? For more information click here or copy and paste the following address into your web browser:    Thank you!

May the Lord bless you in your journey today!

Jeff & Terri

Thank you for your interest in the ministry to which God has called us in Ecuador!

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